Top 4 Types of Renewable Energy Sources for Home Use

Types of Renewable Energy for Home UseWith the 4 types of renewable energy becoming more common we can now begin to slowly lessen our independence on our resources that are not renewable. There are more types of renewable energy but I will only look at the ones that are practical for home use.

Here’s a Look at The 4 Types of Renewable Energy

*** Hydro Power… This is the most common renewable energy source; simply put it’s the use of water to produce large amounts of electricity by blocking a natural flowing source of water [A Dam] and redirects the water into giant turbines. As the turbines spin they generate electricity which is then delivered to homes by power stations. There’s more to this process but I have just covered the basics.

*** Wind Power… Another common alternative energy source is the wind. The use of wind to power devices such as wind mills water wheels has been around for a long time. Many European counties have their shorelines littered with 100s of giant wind turbines. These giant turbines are slowly starting to appear in North America and are a really good example of renewable energy resources.

*** Geothermal Power… Very popular in places that have lots of volcanic activity taking place and make use of the rapid rising steam to turn turbines that generate electricity, some of these plants pump water into the ground to increase the production of steam. While these types of renewable energy are used in certain areas they can make very clean energy.

*** Solar PowerUsing the sun is the most common and used of the 4 types of renewable energy, the sun is everywhere and is the least expensive way to generate electricity from. With solar energy systems you can also heat water and use this heated water to heat your home with a hot water system.

These solar energy systems are very cost effective and equally our environment benefits the most. There are many ways to use solar energy from huge costly systems that will power your entire house and gives you the ability to sell power back to your local power authority, however these systems just aren’t practical for the average person.

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Types of Renewable Energy Sources for Home Use

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