6 Tips for Picking Out Storage Shed Plans

Picking The Best Storage Shed PlansHaving some good storage shed plans is important when building your own storage shed, but even then you have to do it right to get the most out of the unit you will construct. There’s a variety of storage shed plans to choose from, so pick the plan that will ultimately give you what you need. The plan should be easy to follow, give you all the material and cutting lists as well as easy to follow instructions, and most importantly save you money. Below are tips that will help you pick the best storage shed plans for your shed.

6 Tips to Get The Best Storage Shed Plans

Picking Out Storage Shed Plans

1] The type of foundation. You need to have the type of foundation you want in mind when choosing a plan. Storage sheds can be built on a number of foundations such as gravel that is installed on a skid type foundation or a concrete foundation. The type of foundation is determined by the size of the shed you are planning to build. The bigger the shed, the stronger the foundation should be. Read my article Shed Foundation Options for a Strong Lasting Solution to help you pick the best foundation for your shed.

Easy to use storage shed plans2] The cost. You need to have the cost in mind too when picking out storage shed plans. You need to have a rough estimate of how much it will cost you even before you settle on a particular plan. Get the exact figure on how much lumber and materials you will need so that you can figure out how much it will cost you to finish the whole project. If you are operating on a budget, you may choose to go with a plan that will not cost you a lot of money.

3] How do you want your shed to look? The plan you pick will have a hand in how the finished unit will look. Before you even build a shed, you must visualize how you want it to appear once it is finished. You can even have a picture or drawing of how your end product should look like.

4] How difficult is it to construct? While anyone can build a storage shed without prior experience, there are some plans that are so technical will need professional help. Get plans that you can follow and provide all the info you need to build your shed from start to finish. If you don’t have the skills to build a certain plan, seek the services of a professional. Many contractors will offer consultations for a small fee.

Remember that you will use your shed for a long time so the construction has to be sturdy. The best way to decide whether to build the shed yourself or hire a professional is looking at the plans first and evaluating what it entails. You may choose to let the professional handle the construction up to a certain point and then you can take over from there.

Picking out Storage Shed Plans

5] The roofing materials. The roof is an important part of a storage shed; pick a plan that has roofing materials which will not only ensure your belongings are shielded from leakages but also from the sun’s heat. If you reside in an area that has high levels of moisture, consider plans that will let you use pressure treated plywood or metal sheets.

You need to consider the cost of the roofing materials as well. Given the importance of a roof to a storage shed, you may consider spending a little more on the roofing materials. You certainly don’t want to end up with a good unit that leaks.

6] The Windows. Bearing in mind that most sheds do not have electricity, you need to choose storage shed plans that will allow you to install windows. However, you need to use the windows wisely. Avoid a plan that adds too many windows because for each window you install, you will have to sacrifice a wall and by extension storage space.

You need to pick your plans carefully if you want to end up with a unit that will offer more than storage space. While you may not be an expert at building storage sheds, there is no problem in seeking help and advice from the experts.

Storage Shed Plans

What should a good storage shed plan include?

Last year a good friend bought a shed plan online and when he received it, he called me to take a look at it. I could not believe how there’s so much garbage being sold. I’m a Journey Carpenter and have built 100s of homes and small structures and I had a hard time understanding them. There was a lot of information missing as well as the necessary details which where vital for building the shed.

What your shed plans should include.

Step-by-step guidelines. They need to have details and some cross-sections of the structure that the average person can understand. Pictures of the completed shed showing a few different views. Many shed plans take for granted that you have some carpentry skills, while the truth is most don’t and that’s why you’re buying plans.

Accurate material and cutting lists. The plan should have a complete material list and a detailed cutting list. This makes it simple for you to know what you need to buy. This will save you a lot of time and having to buy more lumber because you cut some pieces too short.

3D images. These will really help you to picture what your new shed will actually look like. This really helps when your assembly rafters together, most simple sheds has a sloping roof,

Labeled material list. There should be a detailed list telling you how many of each piece you need and a good labeling system.

Having plans that you can’t understand are worthless. There are many good shed plans available online, follow the above tips and you will be able to find and build your storage shed easily. Check out these amazing plans….

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