Should You Buy a Solar Powered Phone Charger?

Should You Buy a Solar Powered Phone ChargerNearly everyone has a cell phone these days, have you ever considered getting a solar powered phone charger? The beauty of solar phone chargers is there small, lightweight and mobile. If you’re ever away from a power source and your phone needs a charge you’ll certainly be glad you have one.

Let’s Take a Look at Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Cellphone chargers that use solar are basically a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged via 120 volt power source or from solar power and are a great way to make use of one of our biggest renewable energy sources the sun. The most used ones have a folding 3 piece solar screen that are very small and very portable giving you the best of a solar powered phone charger that goes anywhere.

The 2 basic types are the [windmill] and the [folding] both are very portable and can recharge most cell phones twice when there fully charged. As the name implies a [windmill] solar charger opens by fanning out to expose the solar panels in a circular position. Whereas the [folding] just unfolds to expose the solar panels. I personally like the folding type…I find it easier to open and close and they also have larger solar panels.

How Well Do Solar Powered Phone Charger Work?

Should You Buy a Solar Powered Phone ChargerNearly all solar phone chargers have the capacity to connect to an electrical outlet and a 12 volt car outlet to charge which cuts down on the charging time. Depending on the weather conditions it may take longer to charge using the solar panels…But it will charge and give you that power if you’re not close to another charging area.

That’s the beauty of a solar energy system is its ability to charge in low sun conditions. It may not be as fast…But it will still charge and in an emergency situation it can give you the power to use your cell phone.

I came across an article that was looking at phones that had a built in solar powered phone charger, while it is a good choice for an alternative energy source it’s bulky size and bigger price just didn’t make sense to me.

While there are many different options look for a solar powered phone charger that gives you these features, solar efficiency, watts, water resistance and lightweight and portable.

If I had to choose from all the choices this is the one I would recommend…

Solar Phone ChargersRAVPower RP-PC008 16W Dual-Port Outdoors Charger

* Number 1 Best seller on Amazon.

* 984 Customer reviews.

* 184 Answered questions.

* Very efficient with a 21.5-23.5% absorption of the suns power.

* Smart charger, Senses and adjusts charging for the device being used.

* 2 Charging ports.

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