6 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets You Should Be Using

Solar Powered GadgetsCan solar powered gadgets cut down on your electric bill? With the newest solar power devices coming down in cost there’s no reason why you’re not saving 10% or more of your monthly energy bill. And some of these are the coolest solar-powered gadgets you have ever seen.

Using solar powered gadgets is a great way to help the environment while saving you on that dreaded electric bill. Using solar-powered devices may not let you take your home off the grid but will certainty give you the ability to save money and reduce the use of our fossil fuels.

6 of the Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar Powered BackpackNumber 1… Solar Powered Backpack… Can you remember how many times while your where on a backpack trip that you wish your portable devices could stay charged longer? And there’s not any places to charge your devices, that’s the beauty of a Solar Powered Backpacks.

These are very rugged and waterproof and are built into the backpack, allowing you to use the solar power from the sun while you’re hiking to recharge your devices. While this isn’t solving the high demand for power it is enough energy to recharge your small gadgets and give you the extra power you need while backpacking.

Number 2… Solar Powered Lanterns… The fact that the sun is the ultimate source of life; it also can be the source of light in our everyday life. Everyone has a lamp so why not take advantage of the free solar energy that is yours for the taking. You see solar powered gadgets everywhere now so it makes sense to have one or more Solar Powered Lanterns that are always ready to provide you with light during a power outage or on that camping trip.

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Window Solar ChargerNumber 3… Window Solar Charger… If you are blessed to be living somewhere that gets a lot of sun then using a Window Solar Charger can allow you to use the suns solar power to charge your small devices. These types of solar chargers are easy to use…. Simple attach the window solar charger to any window and you can charge your device.

Number 4… Solar Powered Watches… Another great solar powered gadget is solar watches, the fact that most watches have a regular battery means that sooner or later you’re going to need to replace it or the watch. The beauty of a Solar Powered Watch is it can recharge itself for most light sources and will operate for months without being charged from the light source.

You can get these watches from lower end models right up to luxurious ones depending on your taste. If you’re looking for that unique special gift this is something worth looking into.

Solar Powered Bluetooth SpeakerNumber 5… Solar Powered Bluetooth SpeakerIf you enjoy spending a lot of time out in nature and away from the clutter of life and if you’re like me I love my music especially while out enjoying nature. I love the freedom that Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker can provide… No power source and wires to restrict where you want to go and relax!

And being another solar powered gadget that uses the power of the sun to bring your music to life, without the tie downs of home living. And while you’re enjoying your Bluetooth speaker you can feel good about how much you’re saving the environment!

Solar Powered Generator

Number 6… Solar Powered Generator…  I’m sure you’ve heard of [survivalists] [off-grid] who try to live off the grid using a solar generator. It is a great idea to use solar energy to generate your own electricity for those times when the power goes out. Having your own solar powered gadgets will provide you with some power for your small devices. While many people are going off-grid the majority are using power generators that use the suns power to help out with the ever increasing cost of electricity.

Having your very own Solar Powered Generator nearby can store power for when you really need it such as an emergency out if you spend a lot of time camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

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