How to Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator

How to Build a Basic Portable Solar Power GeneratorHaving a portable solar power generator is a must have if you’re an avid camper and outdoor person. Solar power is free for the taking and best of all very good for the environment. Building your own power generator using solar panels may seem difficult; however knowing what materials you need it can be a fun DIY project that can save you money.

Portable Solar Power Generator Material List

This list is the bare minimum and you will need to increase the number of solar panels and the size of the charge controller depending on how much power you need. Depending on where you get these supplies you will need wiring, connectors, fuse holders, switches, inverter, 12 volt battery and storage container to complete your build.

Some solar panels parts can cost $500 and up depending on what your requirements are. Those big solar energy systems you see on home can cost over $20,000 but will provide power for most all your needs and even some people are selling power back to the power company.

Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator

Just building a basic portable solar power generate is great for having some power in an emergency situation or when the power goes out.

The first step is to determine how many watts you need. Start by deciding what you’re going to want to power, if you just want to watch your TV or listen to a radio or maybe charge your cell phone while you’re camping will require fewer watts than using your laptop or coffee pot. You can buy the solar panels one at a time and then add more panels as you increase the power of your portable solar power generator.

Here’s a photo showing one basic solar power generator:

Portable Solar Power Generator Parts

Parts for a portable solar power generator:

*** Battery… You’re going to need a battery to store the power you get from the sun. Try to get a deep cycle marine battery and look for a high amp hour rating. Make sure that the storage container you choose is big enough to hold the battery and other parts; I have seen lots build with an old cooler. Here’s some Marine Batteries on Amazon.

*** Charge Controller … The charge controller is basically a voltage regulator which controls the amount of power that goes into the battery and also prevents the battery from being overcharged. Charge Controllers on Amazon.

Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator*** Fuse or Power Switch… This allows you to turn off the power going to your inverter.

*** Inverter… This is the key component to your portable solar power generator, this inverter converts the 12 volt DC power coming from the battery into 120 volts AC power and this is where you plug in your devices you want to power.

You can also get an inverter that has USB ports that allow you to connect your 12 volt devices to it. See Inverters on Amazon.

*** Solar Panels… Put your solar panel[s] somewhere will they will be in the sun’s rays, you will connect the solar panels power lines to the charge controller. See Solar Panels on Amazon

*** Portable Solar Power Generator Kits… If you want you can buy Solar Panel Kits from Amazon in many different sizes which are light weight and have everything you need to make solar power.

*** Build Your Solar Generator Plans… If your interested in simply building one yourself, Here’s a great video on how to build one. Watch the Video Here.


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