Using Solar Lights to Enhance Your Homes Landscape

Using Solar Lights to Enhance Your Homes LandscapeAre you looking to spruce up your yards landscaping? Have you ever thought about solar lights? What a great inexpensive way that you can easily do yourself and add beauty and some special affects solar lamps and Lighting.

3 Reasons to Choose Solar Lights

*** WirelessThat means no wires to connect which allows you to place them where you want and move them around anytime you want. Solar lights are a great renewable energy source that saves the environment and more importantly they save on your electric bill! As well as being able to put them where you want you don’t have to dig up your yard in the process.

*** Shapes and SizesSolar lights are made in a large assortment of sizes, shapes, colors and in several types of materials. This gives you lots of options when highlighting your garden area and pathways leading into that special place or line your front sidewalk if attractive colors. I really like the ones that come in different animal shapes of solar lighting.

Solar Lights to Enhance Your Homes Landscape

Add them to your solar energy system to create your very own village in the garden, really work well with miniature fairy gardens. Then make lots of seasonal ones too that you can use at Christmas and Easter to create something unique.

*** Provide Extra Light… Maybe you need some lighting for your dark stairs out in the yard or just too simple light up a garden path. As well as being a really good alternative energy source particular outside at night solar lights. I have seen some real creative use of solar lights being used to highlight a favorite shrub or use them on your deck to create some cool ambient light effects.

That’s just 3 reasons and I’m sure you can find many more applications if you put your imagination to work. One thing to remember is to use the solar lights where they will get lots of sunlight during the day so the batteries can be charged and ready to light up the night for you.

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How Solar Panels Work to Create Free Electricity

How Solar Panels Work to Create Free ElectricityKnowing how solar panels work is an interesting theory… Using the suns energy to generate electricity has always been interesting to me. Solar cells use particles of light to move electrons apart from atoms; this process cause’s electricity to move. In a nut shell that’s how solar panels work.

How Solar Panels Work to Give You Energy

*** Using Latest Technology… Solar panels can be used around your home to cut down on your electricity bill while providing needed backup power during a power outage. Look at those small solar lights you see in peoples home to light up their walkways or highlight a deck. Those tiny lights use a solar panel and rechargeable batteries to harvest the power of the sun to provide power to run the lights at night, pretty cool!

The solar panels on the market today are a lot more efficient at giving you more power than the older ones. All the newest solar energy systems are designed and proven to last for years even in the harshest climate conditions.

How Solar Panels Work

*** Installation… An important factor on how solar panels work is the installation; most large systems mount the solar panels on the roof of the house. The roof offers the best access to the power of the sun; however you will see them in large areas on the ground that have good access to the sun. I have even seen some advanced solar power systems set up with the ability to rotate and follow the sun through the day.

And solar being an excellent alternative energy source those high end systems collect enough power for you home and have some let over to sell back to the power company.

*** Monitoring Your Solar Power System… Once the system is up and running you will have access to a renewable energy source that will provide power for years with very little maintenance cost. You should notice a big savings right away and during cloudy days your stored power and electric company will be providing your needs. Overall a great way to save and when you know how solar panels work you can use them to your advantage!

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How Solar Panels Work to Create Free Electricity

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Top 4 Types of Renewable Energy Sources for Home Use

Types of Renewable Energy for Home UseWith the 4 types of renewable energy becoming more common we can now begin to slowly lessen our independence on our resources that are not renewable. There are more types of renewable energy but I will only look at the ones that are practical for home use.

Here’s a Look at The 4 Types of Renewable Energy

*** Hydro Power… This is the most common renewable energy source; simply put it’s the use of water to produce large amounts of electricity by blocking a natural flowing source of water [A Dam] and redirects the water into giant turbines. As the turbines spin they generate electricity which is then delivered to homes by power stations. There’s more to this process but I have just covered the basics.

*** Wind Power… Another common alternative energy source is the wind. The use of wind to power devices such as wind mills water wheels has been around for a long time. Many European counties have their shorelines littered with 100s of giant wind turbines. These giant turbines are slowly starting to appear in North America and are a really good example of renewable energy resources.

*** Geothermal Power… Very popular in places that have lots of volcanic activity taking place and make use of the rapid rising steam to turn turbines that generate electricity, some of these plants pump water into the ground to increase the production of steam. While these types of renewable energy are used in certain areas they can make very clean energy.

*** Solar PowerUsing the sun is the most common and used of the 4 types of renewable energy, the sun is everywhere and is the least expensive way to generate electricity from. With solar energy systems you can also heat water and use this heated water to heat your home with a hot water system.

These solar energy systems are very cost effective and equally our environment benefits the most. There are many ways to use solar energy from huge costly systems that will power your entire house and gives you the ability to sell power back to your local power authority, however these systems just aren’t practical for the average person.

If you’re looking for ways to lower your monthly electric bill you can. There are small scale ways to create electricity with a simple [Smart Solar Box]. It’s cheap to make yourself and can cut back on your electric bill.  Sound interesting?

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Types of Renewable Energy Sources for Home Use

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How to Lower Your Energy Bill with Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy SourcesWhy are your energy bills so high? With alternative energy sources all around you… Water, wind and the sun can provide you with very cheap energy and well as do wonders for the environment.  And with the introduction of new technologies, alternative energy sources cost a lot less to use and with tax incentives being offered it’s a great way to lower your energy bill.

Ready to Save Money with Alternative Energy Sources?

We should be using the current resources prudently because they provide the power for all our homes and just about every appliance we use. The renewable energy sources available are able to meet our needs as well. By using the alternative energy sources available we can start using our own generated power and lower our energy bill and put that saved money in our own pockets instead of the power suppliers!

There are several types of renewable energy sources to choose from, the top ones are solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. The most popular is the solar energy system. And it is the easiest to use. Once you have your system in place your hydro costs will drop. Most alternative energy sources won’t be enough to provide power for everything in your home, but can be a great backup power source.

Alternative Energy Sources

The great advantage of renewable energy is you can switch back to electrical source very easily. In most cases most homes will not generate enough power to stay off-grid, but some can have enough and resell it back to the power company. But even that amount of power your able to generate will allow you to power many appliances during a power outage of if you’re somewhere where there’s no power source. You can use the savings for food or other bills.

Because of such high demand for electrify alternative energy sources that are clean and good for the environment alternative sources and finally starting to be more common. And with the ever increasing cost of powering our homes having a good alternative that won’t break the bank is vital.

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Lower Your Energy Bill with Alternative Energy Sources

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Will a Solar Energy System Really Save On Electricity?

Solar Energy System Really Save On ElectricityIs a solar energy system going to help offset your electrical bill? With the ever increasing cost of hydro we can expect to use 20-40% of our monthly household budget just paying for the electricity needed to power our home. And with the extra cost to heat and cool looking at a solar energy system to help out is a good idea.

Using a Solar Energy System to Save Money

While there are a few alternative energy sources to choose from many homeowners are using solar power energy simple because it’s a renewable source and the sun is worldwide. Many homeowners are using a solar energy system to heat their homes by heating water with solar energy and adding to their hot water system.

The setup with most types of renewable energy systems can be rather costly up front, but the advantages of saving money monthly on your electric bill can be one of the perks. The biggest perk is that solar is a renewable energy source that renews itself every sunrise. Another advantage of having a solar energy system is being able to power some of your home when the power goes out.

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Will a Solar Energy System Really Save On Electricity

Having a full home solar system install by professionals can cost $20,000 or more to power your home. The other perk of this expensive system is you may have some surplus energy that you can sell back to your local power authority. There may also be government grants and rebates offered to encourage homeowners to use a solar energy system in their homes.

If you decide to use a solar energy system in your home you’re actually emitting way less on your carbon footprint and a great way to cut down on your electric bill. If you look around you will see that there are homeowners everywhere using renewable energy resources which is good for our environment.

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3 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas for Organizing Clutter

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Organizing ClutterWith the use of these 3 bathroom storage ideas you will be able to organize your bathroom clutter and make your bathroom clean and tidy. Your garage, shoe closets and bathroom seem to get the most cluttered the fastest. In this article I look at bathroom storage ideas to deal with that clutter!

3 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Stay One Step Ahead!

*** Clean While Organizing… This is the perfect time to organize some of the clutter in the bathroom while you’re cleaning. The kitchen being the first place to get cluttered, followed by the bathroom. Having a good home storage solution in the bathroom organization for your towels, toothbrushes, toilet paper and soaps will really help with finding a solution that looks good.

*** Dispose of Unneeded Stuff… There are probably some things in your bathroom that you don’t use much and are only taking up that precious storage space. Among the top bathroom storage ideas is using storage units that blend in well with the décor of your bathroom.  If you have the room make use of free standing cupboards or some attractive storage baskets for towels and facecloths.

*** Increase Usable StorageHave you ever considered the space behind the door? This space can be used by adding an over the door or a door mounted bathroom organizer. Bathroom storage ideas like these are cheap and provide that extra storage.  The nice thing about these types of storage solutions is they have multiple slots that allow you to see what’s there without having to search for items.

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas*** Another bulky item to store is toilet paper… No worries there are lots of options for storing it. I really like the cotton fabric bathroom storage bins for toilet paper. And the grey neutral color goes with nearly all bathroom colors! Considering a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom?

Here’s an interesting article to help with choosing colors. Picking Bathroom Paint Colors That Are Creative

Another option is wall mounted storage solutions; there are so many designs and sizes to choose from. Perhaps you can use an attractive bathroom storage cabinet. I have seen many of those over the toilet storage space saver options and some don’t look to bad. With all the bathroom storage ideas available you should be able to find something that suits your needs and budget!

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Which Bathroom Storage Cabinet Will Create the Most Space?

Bathroom Storage Cabinet Will Create the Most SpaceMost bathrooms designs only make use of 1 bathroom storage cabinet, while this is fine in 90% of situations it’s just not enough storage, especially if you have a growing family. Many homes do have more than one bathroom and the same problem exists of not having a bathroom storage cabinet that is able to hold everything that’s needed.

The 4 Main Bathroom Storage Cabinet Options

*** Over the JohnThis type of storage cabinet take up very little space and are mounted over the toilet. Most are free standing and among the most common type used. They offer different bathroom storage ideas and configurations.  You can have glass doors if you want as well as options for metal ones. These units are easy to assembly and fit around nearly all types of toilets.

*** Tower CabinetsThese units are free standing and come in different sizes, configuration’s as well as material type and colors.  I have seen them with wheels which make them very versatile and can be moved to best suit your needs at the time. This type of bathroom storage cabinet is also movable and does not have to attach to the wall, great if you’re renting.

*** Wall Mounted Cabinets… These wall mounted cabinets provide a great option for bathroom organization ideas when there’s just no floor space to use. If you need a mirror and a medicine cabinet over your sink a wall mounted cabinet is a great solution, and some even have built in lights. There are many different types of bathroom wall cabinets and you can find one that matches your bathroom décor providing that extra space for towels, facecloths and for anything else you need to store.

*** Free Standing Floor CabinetsAnother great choice for a bathroom storage cabinet if you’re renting or need some addition bathroom storage if you’re having guests or hosting a big event. Lots of choices in styles, material, and finishes. And there are some that have wheels that make them even more versatile.

Any one of the 4 bathroom storage cabinets are a great choice for storing washcloths, personal hygiene accessories and you can even store baby bath toys in them.

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5 Bathroom Organization Ideas to Spruce up That Dull Bathroom

Bathroom Organization Ideas to Spruce up That Dull BathroomWith these 5 bathroom organization ideas that will take that dull boring bathroom and turn it into a more relaxing place while you’re pampering yourself in a nice bubble bath. This is one room in the home that you spend a lot of time in, so why not use these bathroom organization ideas to make it more inviting.

Let’s Look at These Bathroom Organization Ideas

*** Declutter your BathroomThe best way to get organized is by decluttering the space by adding some simple shelving and bathroom storage cabinets. The shelving takes up little room and can be attached to the walls or with a door hanging unit. The storage cabinet can be a simple over the toilet unit or some fabric smaller units that sit on the floor. Another good option is a stainless steel storage rack that sits in the corner of the vanity top, or can be attached to the wall.

*** Do Some Decorating… Another great way to come up with cool bathroom organization ideas is to do some decorating. Maybe try some accent wall colors to create an illusion of more space. Get some colorful towels, towel hangers or even some small pictures to hang up.

*** Create an Illusion… Most bathrooms are compact and by using some bathroom storage ideas you can create an illusion of more space. If you have windows try positioning a couple of mirrors to reflex some of the light to brighten up the area. If you don’t have a window try upgrading the vanity light to get the same effect.

*** Colors of the Rainbow… Adding some splashes of color can really liven up the space… Here’s an article about Picking Bathroom Paint Colors That Are Creative. If you’re not ready to repaint then you can use some colorful towels and facecloths and even upgrade those drab shower curtains with a vibrant one. There are 100s to choose from.

*** Sparkling Clean Effect… Easy and cheap way to come up with bathroom organization ideas is to spend an hour and give the bathroom a good cleaning. When everything is sparkling clean and has a fresh scent can really make a difference.

I hope these 5 bathroom organization ideas to spruce up that dull bathroom have inspired you to create your very own bathroom space!

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What’s the Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets for a Small Bathroom?

Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets for a Small BathroomIs your bathroom really small?  Then choosing from the many designs of bathroom wall cabinets may be the solution to having more storage without giving up any floor space. Another reason for wanting a wall mounted cabinet is the cabinet can be installed where you want it. This is important especially if you’re going to be storing medications and other stuff you don’t want your young children getting into.

3 Reasons Bathroom Wall Cabinets are a Good Choice

*** Provide More Storage Space… Having a vanity or a bathroom storage cabinet is great, but they take up a lot of space. Bathroom wall cabinets give you that needed extra storage space without using any floor space. I know in our home bathroom floor space is a big problem, since we have the washer and dryer in there to.

As well the medicine cabinet is just too small and we didn’t want to store stuff on the vanity and use up that space. Having a wall mounted or hanging storage cabinet is a great answer for us. We were always worried that the Grand kids would have access to the medicines and prescription drugs we are on.

*** Keeps the Bathroom Looking Tidy… Having an extra bathroom wall cabinet will also give the room a nicer appearance and this will help you come up with many bathroom organization ideas. You will have many choices on the material type, color and configurations. Many of the models offer mirrored doors… Always nice to have an extra mirror especially for the ladies.

*** Organizes Your Personal Items… This can be a great bathroom storage idea for keeping your personal stuff. If you’re like me I like to have my own personal stuff used by me only. Or you can use your bathroom wall cabinets for when you have guests for a while; this gives them a bit of privacy and a place to keep their stuff while they are visiting you.

There are probably more reasons for wanting that extra storage and it’s never a problem having too much storage space.

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How to Prevent Injuries with Child Gates

How to Prevent Injuries with Child GatesParents who have child gates at home should know that the same equipment that is meant to ensure your baby’s safety can cause injury particularly if it’s not used properly. According to research, injuries related to baby gates increased drastically from 4% to 13% over the last two decades. To ensure that the gate serves its purpose without leading to injuries, here are 7 baby gate safety tips that will go a long way in minimizing injuries brought about by child gates.

7 Tips to Prevent Injuries from Child Gates

*** Lead From the Front… One of the best ways to reduce baby gate injuries is to be a good example on how the gates should be used. Never climb over the gate but open it and pass through. If you climb over the gate, you will be setting a bad precedent to your child, and sooner or later they will climb over the gate.

The likelihood of your child getting injured when climbing over the gate is very high, especially when you consider that they are young and not strong yet, let alone tall enough to climb over. If it’s a top of stairs baby gate, get a gate with a latch gate in the middle that will automatically close the gate once you’ve gone through it.

Prevent Injuries with Child Gates*** Ensure that the Gate is well Maintained… Proper maintenance is one of those safety gate safety tips that you should always have in mind when you’re seeking to prevent injuries. You will be using the gate for a couple of years thus the need to keep it well maintained goes without saying. Ensure that you check the screws on a monthly basis and tighten the loose ones. Replace the screws that cannot be tightened.

If you’re using pressure mounted child safety gates, make sure they are correctly positioned at the center of the doorway. Pressure mounted gates slip when they are used too often and could lead to serious injuries if they are not constantly checked. Never fail to conduct regular maintenance on your gate irrespective of how strong the gate looks.

*** Use the Correct Gate… Earlier on, we provided a baby safety gate buyers guide, and one of the key points was the need to buy the correct gate which corresponds with the opening you intend to block. One of the reasons why most children get injured by baby gates is because parents use the wrong type of baby gate to block off entrances. When you use the wrong gate to block the opening, you will be compromising on the efficiency of the child gates.

Besides using the correct gate, you need to ensure that its construction is for a child and not a pet. A gate meant restrict a pet will have a mesh material that can be dangerous if you child sticks his or her head in it. Using the right gate may sound like one of those obvious baby safety tips but even then it’s worth mentioning.

*** Block the Stairs… If there’s one place that you need to install a child proof gate then, it has been the way leading to the stairs. You need to block the both the top and the bottom of the stairs. For the top of the stairs, you need to install a hardware mounted child gates because they are stronger. For the bottom of the stairs, you may consider installing pressure mounted baby gates.

My recommendation for top of stair baby Gates.

Also, you can use pressure mounted baby gates between those entrances that only require temporarily blocking. Blocking the stairs is a safety measure that you should always consider if you want to prevent or reduce the incidences that could lead to injuries to your child.

*** Ensure That There’s no Furniture Near the Gate… Sooner or later your child will learn to climb. One of the ways they can easily get injured is by trying to climb on furniture so as to go over the gate. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to avoid placing the furniture anywhere near the gate. That way you will eliminate any chances of your child trying to use the furniture as a way of accessing the gate. Also, avoid keeping large toys in your child’s sleeping room as they could use them to climb over the gate.

*** Install the Gates Correctly… In previous posts, I looked at 5 tips for choosing the best baby gate installation procedure. Ease of installation might be one thing and installing the child gates correctly is a totally different thing. You need to install a gate in a way that it remains strong even if it’s constantly used. The best way to know if you’re doing it right is to read the user manual that most baby gates come with.

Different gates will be installed differently. For instance, you will have to fix a hardware mounted gate with the screws and hexes to position it into place securely. With good installation, all features or baby gates can be fully used. Failure to install the gate as it should only increases the risk your child getting injured.

*** Teach Older Kids How to Use the Gates… Out of the many baby gates tip, one important tip that is worth mentioning is the need to teach older kids how to use the child gates. You may not be at home all the time to take care of the child, and it’s of utmost importance that older kids learn how to use the gate. It is particularly important to show the older kids how to use the gate because they will know how control the younger kids from accessing the gate.

Also, the older kids will know what to do so to minimize the like hood of an accident. Also, you need to teach anyone who will be in charge of your kid while you’re away how to use the gate. The more awareness you create, the lesser the chances of an accident. There are different types of gates, and you must seek to know what safety measures you can put in place to ensure they are as safe as possible.

You may not prevent your child from accessing the baby gate, but there are things you can do to ensure they remain as safe. With the baby gate safety tips provided above, you now know what to do so as to keep your kid safe all the time and thereby prevent injuries related to baby gates.

To help you with choosing the best baby gate for your home I have reviewed the top rated baby gates on Amazon.

My Baby Gate Reviews… Which Baby Gate is Best For You?

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