7 Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets Fast and Easy

7 Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets Fast and EasyIf you’re looking for an inexpensive kitchen update than painting kitchen cabinets is one easy way to get great results without the big expense of doing a major kitchen renovation that could cost you 1,000s. If you want to do a bigger kitchen remodel read my article Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Will Save You Money.

With the fast and easy option of painting kitchen cabinets you won’t have to replace your cabinets. Just a simple repainting of the cabinets and updating the hardware can be a great way to save you lots of money.

Here are the 7 Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Number 1]… Begin by taking the doors off the cabinets and removing the hinges and door pulls or any other hardware on them. Use plastic tubs or freezer bags to store your hardware and all the screws that they come with. Mark the bags with masking tape on the storage container so you will know where each piece came from. It’s also a good idea to take some pictures prior to taking the doors off. That way you will have a reference in case you need it after completing the job of painting kitchen cabinets.

Number 2]… It’s time to clean the doors of dirt and grease and if it’s like my kitchen other food stuff. It’s vital to clean the surfaces of all contaminants so the primmer will have a good clean surface to adhere too. Use a good quality all-purpose cleaner [I use TSP cleaner] works really well. You may need to scrub down some caked on greasy spots with a good quality pad.

Number 3]… Once the doors have dried completely it’s time to give them a light sanding. Begin with using a sanding block of 150 grit. I use sanding blocks over sheets because they offer better control and form nicely to doors that have raised areas on them. Finish off the doors with a 100 grit sanding, wipe them down really good.

Number 4]… You will begin the task of painting kitchen cabinets by applying a coat of good quality latex primmer. My choice that gives the best results is Beauti-tone Acryl-Lok Primer Sealer. This is a Home Hardware product and I find it will adhere to nearly every surface giving you an excellent surface to apply the top coat of paint to.

Number 5]… Time to paint. Once the primmer have completely dried, I wait 24 hours before I apply the first coat and another 24 hours before applying the top coat. Between coats give a very light sanding with the 100 grit sanding block to remove any dust or brush or lint from your roller and wipe with a dry rag. It’s better to apply 2 or 3 tops coats instead of a heavy coat that will run and make a mess. Be sure to use a good quality semi- gloss or gloss latex paint.

If you need some help with choosing some colors that work well together, Read my article  Choosing the Best Interior Paint Colors for Your Home for ideas.

Number 6]… This step is not necessary when painting kitchen cabinets but can add some deep beauty to the finish. Applying a finishing coat of a latex clear glaze, begin this step with a light sanding using a 400 grit sanding block, clean the surface and apply 1 coat to the painted surface.

Number 7]… You’re done; all’s that left is to put the hardware back on and reinstall the cabinet doors. You can also use the same steps to the end panels of the cabinets to finish the job off.

Now your kitchen cabinets will look new and at the fraction of the cost of installing new ones!