5 Faux Finish Paint Tips for Beginners

Faux Finish Paint Tips for BeginnersFaux finish paint is fast becoming the latest interior decorating fashion. Faux finish paint is a technique that makes use of everyday regular paint that you can get at any building center and the technique gives the appearance of looking like different types of materials and can even look like fabric or even rustic wood.

Here are the 5 faux finish paint tips to get you started.

Tip 1] Select colors which go together… The simplest house painting ideas using faux finish paint techniques are: Using a sponge, using a rag, using a plastic bag and color washing. Like I said choose your paint colors that are close to each other, avoid colors that are contrasting when doing faux painting. Also pick a small area and do a test of the accent wall colors you’ve chosen to see if you’re happy with the way it looks.

Tip 2] Begin smallIf this is your first attempt at faux finish paint than keep it small. Pick a wall that is off on its own and practice. If you don’t have any painting experience I would recommend you hire a professional painter. If you have some painting experiences give it a try!

Tip 3] Use a high end glazePick a quality glaze, many of the lower value glazes don’t provide the longer working time [before the glaze dries]. This is especially important if you’re new to faux painting, if you’re a pro you can use the lower end glazes.

Tip 4] Keep your work area clean… I learned the hard way how important it is to keep your work area clean and organized. Take the time to secure your drop sheets in place, be aware of the dangers of using a step ladder over drop sheets especially if you have a smooth finish on the floor. Pick a spot in the room you’re doing the faux finish painting and keep everything you need there.

Tip 5] Cover everything in the room… Pros and beginners should always take the necessary steps to protect the contents in the room and any areas that are not going to be painted. Buy good quality masking tapes that are designed to be used for painting. You’re going to putting in a lot of effort in application of the faux finish paint and don’t want to have a mess on your trims.

All paints are not run proof especially when applying glazes. Here are a couple of tricks I use to keep everything nice and neat. Once you have applied the tape use water based varnish and apply a small amount with a tiny paint brush over the tape along the edge that your wall paint will touch.

When removing the tape from your trims use a good sharp razor knife or blade as a guide to prevent the tape form damaging the faux finished are when you’re removing the masking tape.

Do as much research on faux painting and be prepared and you will have great results and a wall that looks cool!