Got Rats? Should You Hire a Professional Rat Exterminator?

Hire a Professional Rat ExterminatorThe first evidence that you need a rat exterminator is usually the noise they make and from droppings, foraging, or damage from gnawing, and is also an early warning that you should immediately get in touch with a professional rat exterminator to control the infestation.

These wary creatures can easily elude poisoned bait and traps, which makes it difficult for them to dispatch. Every day that these critters are allowed to live in your home is another 24 hours that they get to spread diseases, do structural damage, and multiply.

Why are services of a professional rat exterminator important?

Every single rat is a carrier of parasites and diseases that can harm your family. Since middle Ages they have been credited with spread of bubonic plague through bites. Plague still occurs in several parts of the world. Another big diseases caused by rats is leptospirosis, that causes various cardiovascular issues leading to the failure of all major organs.

Most of the cases are fatal, and the reason why services of a rat exterminator are important is that they also carry lymphocytic choriomeningitis and Hantavirus. Worst of all, bites are not necessary for spread of these rat-borne ailments. They can even spread through their urine. So the faster a rat infestation is dealt with, the quicker your home can be purged of all these frightening health issues.

Aside from posing health risk to humans, rats also cause structural damage in homes and commercial buildings. They have stronger and larger teeth and can easily chew plastics and wood. They are also know to gnaw on various wires inside the walls, and can even start electrical fires. In fact, their holes may be visible at various places in the house, such as floorboards, and cabinets.

Rats also have a very greasy and dirty fur that leaves unsightly marks and smudges along your baseboards. It’s very difficult to remove all these impulsive marks, and they also have a distinct odor.

Professional Rat Exterminator Methods

Traditional methods are now no more effective in controlling the rat infestation. Poison may be effective in some cases, but it’s quite unsafe, and mice even adapt too few poisons, and with a very fast rate of reproduction, they will produce new isolates that are resistant to poison. Rats also have acute smell and hearing, which allows them to easily bypass various types of lures. Therefore, professional rat exterminator takes a totally different approach to deal with the problem.

Rat exterminators like their counterparts rodent exterminators use sophisticated techniques to banish these unpleasant creatures from your property without any risk to your health. Professionals use two types of rodent control techniques; preventive and complete annihilation.

* Preventive methods help in protecting food and water from the rodents, and also block their ability to choose a good place to create their nests.

* After preliminary assessment on the numbers of these rodents, they use special drugs that won’t harm the inhabitants or kids. Also, they do not leave any mark on the exteriors. Aside from drugs, prophylactic disinfestations are also used where experts identify different types of holes and seal them (pipes, out of communications, and the like.), as well as the installation of metal grids in place of the holes. The total time for extermination depends upon the infestation, but won’t last long.

If the infestation is not large, professionals may also use snap traps in some areas. They are best for killing rats in your house. They will put bait on these traps (attached to a spring loaded lever) for attracting rats. When rats eat the bait, the lever closes down on their head killing them right away.

If professionals find that rats live in accessible areas of your house, they may use glue traps for their extermination. It’s actually a long area of glue with plastic over it. These traps are kept near their holes. When rates set their foot on the glue, they won’t be able to free themselves. This won’t kill them and they are trapped in bags. They will simply collect the bag and throw it away. There are many more techniques used by professionals (including electronic devices) to get rid of rat infestation.

Definitely, rat extermination is not for amateurs. What may seem like a small problem in the beginning may soon multiply, and each additional critter in your house means another destroyer of personal property and carrier of disease. So handle the situation and act fast by hiring a professional rat exterminator! These professionals are also very good at mouse exterminating as well.