Shed Foundation Options for a Strong Lasting Solution

Shed Foundation OptionsIf you want to save some money by building your own shed foundation the very first place to begin is the base. Your outdoor storage structure needs to be built on a good strong foundation. Whether you make it out of treated wood or concrete it must be a firm groundwork that your outdoor shed can set on to give you years of trouble free service. If you don’t have a proper base then your shed will sink into the ground and rot away.

If you’re not sure what your options are, or if you should use a concrete slab or treated wood for your shed foundation.  There are a couple of primary reasons for deciding one over the other. A treated wood foundation will give you the option to move it if you need to move it to another spot in your yard. If you have poured a concrete slab its location is permanent…It would be a lot of work and expense to remove a concrete slab.

Shed Foundation Options for a Strong Lasting SolutionOnce you’ve decided on what type of foundation you want for your storage building or garden shed it’s time to build it. If you have chosen to use wood as your base, make certain that you use pressure treated lumber where any of it will be in contact with the ground. Just about all home improvement stores and Home Hardware stores will carry it. All you have to do is tell them the size of your structure and they can set you up with the required amount.  It will be even more helpful for you to have some plans to take with you.

Another simple method of building a sturdy long lasting shed foundation is to get a couple of skids. Make sure you use pressure treated 4×4 or 6×6’s. These also are available from your local home improvement stores or Home Hardware store. Lay out the skids on the ground. Level them and built the floor by installing the floor joists and plywood flooring.

Using 3/4″ exterior grade plywood for the floor will provide a solid and firm base that will hold the weight of many large pieces of equipment. You can use concrete blocks under the skids for leveling the foundation. This will also help prevent moisture from getting into the shed foundation. You should check with your local authorities to see if you need planning permission or a permit before you begin.

If you’re going to choose the concrete slab make certain the spot you picked is where you want it, as this concrete slab will become a very permanent structure. Again I cannot stress the point enough…There are bylaws that require setbacks from the property lines…Find out what is required in your area. If you’re using a large outdoor storage shed package that needs to support numerous heavy objects then the concrete slab foundation is the right choice. It can hold a lot more weight than the treated wood base.

It’s always a wise decision to have a good plan in place before beginning any home improvement project…Especially a shed foundation and it will save you time and money. Consider what you are going to be storing inside the shed, if it’s going to be heavy riding lawnmower and you know that the treated wood base is going to be higher than the ground you may have to build a ramp to take stuff in and out.

A concrete slab foundation is usually poured even with the ground level. Keeping this information in mind prior to building will make everything go smoother and faster and give you less headaches in the long run.