5 Tips to Know if You Need Shed Planning Permission

Need Shed Planning PermissionBefore spending any money and time, find out if you need shed planning permission if you’re considering investing in an outdoor storage building before you go out and spend 1000’s…You should find out if you require shed planning permission or a building permit before you can proceed with it. In just about all cases permission is not necessary but there are some exclusions to this.

By not getting shed planning permission before building some types of outdoor storage sheds can cause a number of troubles for you afterwards. So when does it become necessary as a homeowner to ask permission from your local authority? Below is listed some instances of times you may need permission. These are very broad examples…As most states and cities have their own bylaws. It’s wise to visit your local office to find out if there’s any shed planning issues you need to deal with prior to building your storage shed.

5 Tips For Deciding if You Need Permission.

Do You Need Shed Planning PermissionThese tips cover most…But not all circumstances where you’ll need to get building permits and in some situations you’ll need to have the structure inspected by your local building inspector or local by law enforcement officer. Trust me it’s a lot better to go and ask before…Than to find out later that your new shed is in violation of building codes regulations…They may make you move it or even tear it down! So asking if you need shed planning permission prior to starting is a good idea…Find out BEFORE you start.

>>>> Tip Number 1… In most situations if you’re shed foundation needs to be below grade to prevent damage from frost and in most structures whose square footage exceeds 100 square feet.  It’s a good idea to talk to your realtor if you’re adding this shed to add more value to your home. If your home is in or near to a National Park or a wildlife conservation region there may be other restrictions which may restrict the building of certain outdoor structures.

>>>> Tip Number 2…There may be certain situations that may require shed planning permission if you’re going to be using this building for work…In particular where you have employees frequenting the building. There may also be some tax benefits available to you too in this situation.

>>>> Tip Number 3…Also if you want to erect your outdoor storage shed where the roof height will be rather high. As a general rule any structure over 12 feet in height may need special permission…This will be different depending on where you live. It’s also a good idea to consult with your neighbor if the roof line might be interfering with their line of site.

>>>> Tip Number 4…There are sometimes certain property set back bylaws, where you can only built a certain number of feet from the front of your property. Usually the side setbacks are a lot less. Having shed planning permission would be really needed if you live on a corner lot especially if there’s a sidewalk or major roadway by your property.

>>>> Tip Number 5…If your wood sheds kit or prefab storage shed is going to take up a lot of space on your property. There are also bylaws limiting the number of outbuilding you can have on your property. This is commonly a percentage of your lot size which limits the amount of your property that be used for the main house and garages and other outbuildings. There may be other restrictions for putting up temporary structures for special events like, weddings or family reunions.

You will require shed planning permission from your local authority for construction of certain types of outbuildings and other outdoor storage structures. You can find out all details and requirements from your local authority on the Internet or you can simply give them a phone call to see how to begin the process of getting permission. It’s better if you go in person with a sketch showing the size of your property…Showing the location and setbacks from the property lines of the proposed site.