Basic or Interesting Garden Sheds for Your Yard

Basic or Interesting Garden Sheds for Your YardSo many garden sheds to choose from. For those wanting to build an outside storage building, the Internet virtually offers 1000’s of garden Shed and shed plans to choose from. If you need to get rid of some clutter inside your house or maybe your garage is overflowing, you could look at various outdoor solutions right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get pictures to look at and many different products to look at.

A lean to storage shed is the simplest, most basic backyard shed. This structure is fundamentally 3 wall panels with the fourth part of an existing building or your house. It can provide a storage solution for, bikes, snow mobile or ATV’s, and will even give you a small gardening shed. You can choose from many designs and sizes to suit your needs. Another great advantage of this type of structure is you can probably put one up without any shed planning permission.

Interesting Garden Sheds for Your YardThe most common standalone types have a lean roof [one side of the walls are higher than the other] and the gable roof [walls are same height] There are other style of roofs…Like the saltbox hip and even flat roof. Try to pick a shed that will blend in with your homes design. You also can accessorize yours making it stand out above the others. When considering which of the many garden sheds will suit your needs check what each manufacturer has. You can also fine many tips for designing a shed on the internet.

For a shed that will be a garage to park various, motorcycles, adult toys and even cars, there are many shed kits available in large and longer sizes. If you’re choosing a shed for this purpose, you’ll need to get a permit and would need a shed foundation to hold this type up. Usually, these types are used to store and get easy access to your auto repair tools, parts, supplies, and cleaning equipment.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph sheds used for vehicles must have a strong foundation, a concrete slab on grade would be the ideal solution. If your budget doesn’t allow for this expensive option…Pressure-treated beams can be used on the ground to build the walls on and then you can use gravel as a floor. Remember the ceiling height should be adequate [8 feet is the norm] this allows enough height if later on you decide to add a 7 foot overhead door. As with garden sheds you may want to add some windows for light.

There are many good outdoor storage shed kits that you can get online if you’re going to use it as a garage. If you plan on using it as a nursery for starting your garden plants, as well as a greenhouse for flowers, you may want to get one that have the roof made of either plastic or glass. You can purchase clear fiberglass panels as well if you’re building it yourself. Hooks will come in handy for hanging baskets. You can easily add rows of hooks suspended from the ceiling joists…This will also provide lots of light if you added some clear panels in the ceiling.

Depending upon the type and use of your outdoor shed, you can choose some nice accessories to make garden shed designs a lot more interesting. Add-on’s like skylights, cupolas, and storage shelving can also be bought individually from the manufacturer or your local home improvement store. You’ll find that these extras, especially skylights will really add character to your shed.