Why Burglar Proofing Your Home is so Important!

Burglar Proofing Your HomeSeems an increase in crime has made burglar proofing your home a high priority and keeping these intruders and thief’s out is necessary. Sometimes it’s so much as to the cost of replacing the items which are stolen… For me it’s much more about the personal items that only have value to me. These burglars have no respect and don’t care how much damage they do while robbing you.

When burglar proofing your home…Imagine you’re the burglar. What are they looking for? What made your home more attractive to them?

Here’s a short video that I found quite interesting as to why a burglar picks certain homes over others to break into.

Here’s another video that you may find helpful

Let’s go over what was said in the videos on burglar proofing your home.

The 3 main things that a burglar looks for is easy access to your home, items are visible from windows, and is their anyone home? So making your home looked lived in while you’re away for the day or on a holiday is vital to burglar proofing your home.

Arrange for a friend or a close neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper; also make arrangements for someone to keep your grass cut or snow shoveled while you’re gone. Have your neighbor put out your garbage cans on garbage day and move them back. Remember to call forward your home phone to your cell phone. Most people these days have a cell phone and use it for all their calls.

Another good habit to get into is to keep your doors and windows LOCKED. Invest in some good quality deadbolt locks and change the ¾ inch screws to 3 or 4 inch screws on the striker plates so the screws go into the framing material to make it a lot harder to break into.

Window locks are inexpensive and install quickly, if you have glass sliding doors make use of a piece of wood inside the track to prevent the door from being forced open. Have some motion lights on the outside especially around the access points to your home.

When your burglar proofing your home with a security system don’t put up signs letting everyone know you have an alarm system. It’s important to keep your family safe…If a burglar is attempting to break into your home…Call 911!