8 Tips on How to Frame a Basement

Framing a Basement

Compared to finishing your  basement, how to frame a basement is relatively cheap and an excellent way to make the extension of your living space lively. However, you need to get the basics right if you want to have an end result that is not only attracting to the eye but durable as well. Outlined below are some few tips on how to frame a basement that will come in handy when you want to give the space beneath your house a face lift.

Use These 8 Tips to Get Your Basement Framing Right!

Lay Out the Design… This is where it all starts. You need to have a framing plan even before you start out on your project. Bearing in mind that framing is a long project, it is imperative that you have the plan in a drawing to help establish factors such as the cost of framing. When you have a laid out your basement design ideas, you will know what material will be used on which part and by extension help you envision how the finished product will look like once it is finished.

Get all the Materials Needed… This almost goes without saying but even then, you need to have all the materials needed ready before you start the framing. If you have no previous knowledge on framing, you may consult a contractor to help you with the procuring process. By having all the materials ready before the project kicks off will ensure that you basement is finished smoothly without any hindrances. You should also have a budget in place to know what the cost to finish your basement will be.

Consider the Accessories that You May Need… When framing basement walls, it is imperative that you have in mind the kind of accessories you may want your basement to have. For instance, if you want to use the basement as an extension of your living room, you may have to frame the basement according to the number of rooms you want. The same goes if you want to use the basement as a play or entertainment area. Also, consider things such as electrical wiring and plumbing.

How to Frame Your Basement

Check on the Quality of Your Lumber… Basement finishing needs to be perfect to ensure that you get the most out of the space. Therefore, the quality of your lumber has to be superior and not substandard. All your lumber has to waterproof and durable too. Be sure to check lumbers ends; they should be smooth and cut square.

Know Where to Hit the Nails… If you know to frame a wall, you are certainly aware that where you hit the nails is of utmost importance. Provide allowances in your measurement. Also, make sure that the vertical walls are uniformed at the time of installation. Use a plumb bob to draw a vertical line from the ceiling if the floor. Finally, ensure that the holes and spaces between joints by caulking and sealing the gaps in a proper manner.

Paint and Decorate the Basement to Make it Attractive… There is more than just knowing how to frame a basement. You need to make it appealing too. Given the fact that basements are naturally dark, you need to make yours brighter by decorating it with warm colors and buy applying some finished basement ideas. Paint and decorate the basement with colors that will reflect on the lighting and make the space appear warm and refreshing.

Do Away With the White Mold in the Basement… Whether you are finishing or remodeling your basement, you need to remove the mold before framing. Basements are considered as an ideal place for breeding of mold thus you should ensure mold is wiped to avoid contamination. Remember that mold, particularly black mold is poisonous and may harm your health. Be sure that you have waterproofed your basement prior to beginning the framing work.

Hire a Licensed Contractor… While some home owners know how to frame a basement, the majority have to outsource the services to contractors. If you hire a contractor, ensure that they are licensed and have insurance as well. Licensed contractors will most likely take their work seriously and provide you with quality work. In other words, a licensed contractor will offer value for money. Take out a permit?

8 Tips on How to Frame a Basement

Finishing a basement is without doubt on of the most important activities when it comes to finishing or remodeling a basement. Where a frame stands in the basement in a way affects the usability of the available space, thus the need to use a proper framing plan needs no emphasis. You might be interested is saving more money by doing your own electrical wiring too.