KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate

KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby GateLet’stake a look at the KidCo self closing baby gate… By bringing together convenience and efficiency, the Kidco Autoclose HearthGate ensures that your child is shielded from the fireplace and in the process keep them safe from hazards such as heat, flames and sharp ends as well as hard curves. This unit is designed entirely to block the fire thanks to its five substantially modifiable segments and of course it has a self closing baby gate feature.

It even comes with extensions that can be used if a wider area needs to be covered. Due to its sturdy construction, you can rest assured that your child is safe all the time and there is no way he or she can get past the gate into the fire. Below is a comprehensive review on what this self closing baby gate has to offer.

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Specifications of the KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate.

  • A total weight of 22 pounds
  • Dimensions of 35 x 34 x 7 inches
  • Metal construction

Product Features and Benefits of the KidCo Self Closing Baby Gate

The self closing baby gate boasts of some innovative features that make it unique in its class. It is designed to meet even the most demanding of safety needs for your child at home thereby offering value for money. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy with the purchase of this unit include:

*** Unlimited Number of Extension Yes..! There is no limit as to how many extensions you can add on this unit. This means you can block a wide opening as long as the extensions allow you to. The fact that there is no limit to the number of extensions also makes this baby gate highly versatile. The extensions are bought separately from the main package

KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate*** Ease of Operation… Despite its ability to block extra wide openings, this gate is easy to operate. The wider door attached is a self closing baby gate using the dual magnetic lock technology for increased security. The technology guarantees that the gate will be locked safely and remain so until it is opened manually. Opening the gate is relatively easy at the touch of a button. The ease of operation means that the gate can deliver maximum usability.

*** ConstructionThis is a metal self closing baby gate constructed using sturdy steel. The construction is meant to provide additional safety around the fireplace. It also increases the unit’s durability and cannot be easily brought down by the ever playful kids.

*** The Hold Open Feature… You don’t have to worry about holding the gate when bringing in wood to the fireplace. The “Hold Open” feature ensures that the gate remains open by suspending the auto close function. The auto close function remains suspended until you push the door to close.

*** Heat Resistant Finish… Since the Kidco Autoclose HearthGate is built to provide security around the fireplace, you would expect that its finish is heat resistant. True to your expectations, this gate comes with a heat resistant finish that features a soft matte black tone.

*** Wide Door… It easy to move through this baby gate thank to its wide door. The section with a width of 30 inches features and door that is 23 inches that not only adds to the ease of use, but the passage as well. The door ensures that you can pass through the gate carrying large bulks of wood.

*** Rotating Joints… Each of this gate’s joints rotates individually which means that you can set each section at the most stable and perfect angle. Besides rotating independently, the joints also lock in place quickly which gives you a more secure and stable attachment.

Customer Reviews of the KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate

The quest on how to buy child safety gates starts by knowing what others have to say about the product. On Amazon alone, the KidCo AutoClose HearthGate has attracted more than 280 customer reviews. Most of these reviews have been positive with customers saying they were satisfied with what this self closing baby gate has to offer.

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Pros of the KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate

  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Broken parts are readily available for replacement.
  • Blends in well with the rest of the house décor.

This may not be a baby gate with pet door, but it keeps small pets safe.

Cons of the KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate

Most of the customers who reviewed the KidCo AutoClose HearthGate heaped praise on the product. However, a handful of them complained about the ease at which the plastics parts broke quickly. However, like mentioned earlier on, this gate’s parts are readily available and can be found with relative ease at your nearest baby products store.

*** Verdict… The KidCo AutoClose HearthGate is not only built to last but also to offers your child and pet maximum security when at home. Once you have set it into place, you can rest assured that it will restrict the young one from accessing the fireplace. In addition, the fact that you can add unlimited extensions to this baby gate makes it ideal for extra-wide openings.

You don’t have to worry about replacing the broken parts since they are available on demand. In other words, if you are looking for a gate that will offer both values for money and efficiently, look no further than the KidCo Hearth Self Closing Baby Gate.

*** Where to Buy… There are a number of online stores where you can buy the HearthGate. However, for reduced rates and a variety of purchasing options, the best place to buy it would be on Amazon. By the time of this review, this gate was retailing at a discount of 11%. In addition, it came with free shipping. Be sure to visit Amazon for the latest prices, discounts and buying options.

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Here’s a quick video on the KidCo self closing baby gate.

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