North States Easy Close Metal Baby Gate

North States Easy Close Metal Baby GateHere’s a review on the North States metal baby gate… Children love to explore and sometimes the need to restrict them to certain areas become necessary. If you you’re a pet owner, you know how that they can cause damage to your windows, coaches not to mention littering your kitchen. However with the North States metal baby gate, you not only keep your child safe and secure but you keep certain areas out of bounds from your pet.

This metal baby gate boasts of a crisp metal finish that will effectively mix in well with your home’s interior decoration. You don’t have to worry about its durability since just like most metal baby gates the North States Supergate is made from heavy duty steel construction.

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Specifications of the North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Baby Gate

  • Fits openings measuring 28 to 38.5 inches.
  • A total height of 29 inches.
  • A side to side width of 38.8 inches.
  • A front to back depth of 3 inches.
  • A total weight of 12.75 pounds.

Product Features and Benefits of North States Metal Bay Gate

Obviously, the core factor why you want to buy a retractable baby gate is to keep your child safe and at the same time keep the pet (if you own one) away from specific areas. Thus, it goes without saying that you would go for a baby gate that will have features to enable you derive such benefits. The North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate comes with innovative features aimed at delivering the highest possible safety standard as outlined below.

*** A Self Closing Door… Just like the product name goes, this gate has a door that closes automatically every time you go through it. This means you don’t have to worry about closing the door if you’re in a rush to attend to other issues. By extension you will always be assured that the gate is locked safely into position even when you’re not around and in essence serving its purpose.

*** Expandable Fittings… This metal baby gate is highly adjustable to fit in a number of openings. It can perfectly fit into openings which are 31.5 inches wide, 29 inches high and can expand to fit a width of 38.5 inches. To increase the expansion further the unit’s package comes with 2 extensions on the side. The gate’s joints on the panel lets you expand, position and angle the gate in the shape you want and you don’t even have to remove or add the bars.

North States Metal Baby Gate*** Easy InstallationWhen you buy this gate, setting it up is quite easy. It comes with every piece of hardware you would need to install it. In addition there a template that is meant to guide you even further on how to install it securely. The door can swing out of the way whenever you’re not using it. Alternatively you can easily remove the hardware if you whenever you want to move it to a new opening all together. The ease of installation and subsequent dismantling makes the gate versatile.

*** Guaranteed Safety… Metal Baby Gates should guarantee safety to your kid or pet. The North States Supergate is fitted with a triple locking system that any child below the age of four years would have a hard time unlocking. To push the safety even further, this baby gate comes with a child proof latch at each end. However, these safety features are only meant to protect your child and restrict your pet, otherwise it can be easily operated with one hand by adults.

*** Strong BuildThe North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Baby Gate is made using long lasting heavy duty construction metal which makes it very strong. In addition the matte bronze finish would go well with a number of home decor. Depending on how often you use the gate, it can last up to 2 years. This not a bad time span bearing in mind that your child will most certainly shake the gate trying to access the restricted area. Always use hardware mounts for top of stairs baby gate installation.

Customer reviews for North States metal baby gate

The North States Supergate has attracted a mind boggling 1962 customers’ reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviews have been positive. As a matter of fact, 74% have given this gate a full 5 starts rating. This goes to show that buying this gate is worth every penny of the customer reviews are anything to go by.

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Pros of the North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Baby Gate

Convenience and Ease of Use – The one handed operation makes the North States Supergate easy to operate and very convenient when passing through it.

Price – With the features that this gate has to offer and the price it goes for, its only fair to declare it as cheap and highly affordable.

Cons of the North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Baby Gate

Noisy – Some customers said that this baby gate was noisy but even then noise is not so much of a bother considering that only makes it when closing. If anything, the noise serves as an assurance that the gate has safely locked into place.

*** Verdict… Few Metal Baby Gates are as versatile as the North States Supergate. With ground breaking features and benefits, it’s the kind of gate that will sort out your child’s safety and home.

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I have added a installation video for you to see it in action.

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