The KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Expandable Baby Gate

The KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Expandable Baby GateIn this review I take a look KIDCO G3000 auto close expandable baby gate. Confining your child or pet for that matter doesn’t have to be so hard. The G3000 is among the most popular expandable baby gate in its class thanks to its quick release hardware that allows you to easily operate and remove it out of the way whenever you don’t need it.

The gate is highly versatile and relatively affordable as well. This is a detailed review of this gate, expounding its specifications and features as well the benefits.

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Specifications of The KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Expandable Baby Gate

  • A total weight of 23.8 pounds.
  • A height of 31 inches.
  • A width of 34.5 inches.
  • Size of expansion varies and has optional sections.
  • Made from metal only.
  • White or black in color.

Features and Benefits of The G3000 Expandable Baby Gate

The KIDCO G3000 has some incredible features all aimed at enhancing your child’s safety. It is designed to ensure your pet doesn’t gain access to particular areas. This auto close baby gate is the perfect gate to go for if you want more than what the average baby gate for stairs has to offer. Here are the benefits you will enjoy when you buy the G3000.

*** Maximum SafetyFrom the sheer design alone, you can tell that this unit is made to provide maximum safety particularly when used on extra wide openings. It doesn’t matter the shape of your walls. The gate can be mounted on odd shaped wall especially when the mounting points are not lined up directly across to each other. In other works this is the baby gate to go for when you can’t mount a gate in a straight line.

The KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Expandable Baby Gate*** Ground Breaking TechnologyThe fact that this self-closing baby gate joints rotate individually makes it easy to attach and lock the gate securely into position. This is a one of a kind feature that utilizes the Magnet Lock Technology. The double magnetic design draws the doors automatically thereby ensuring that the gate will be locked all the time.

This expandable baby gate also comes with Hold button technology as well. This feature allows the gate to remain open until such a time when the button is pushed or closed.

*** Increased FlexibilityThis is one of the most flexible self-closing baby gates available in the market today. The pivoting hinges are strategically place to provide additional flexibility. The unit comes with 24 interlocking sections that you can adjust in increments of 10 degrees. To push the flexibility even further, you can even dismantle some of the gate’s extension for it to fit in small openings or attach them to the main gate so that it can fit in wide openings. In other words, you can angle the gate to fit your needs perfectly.

*** Strong Construction… This is a metal baby gate which simply means it’s made of metal. This not only makes it strong but increases the durability as well. The gate can stand freely in the long center sections and you don’t have to look for extra support. In addition, it comes in white and black colors which can blend with interior decorations of most homes. The tubular metal is easy to clean and the coating is non-toxic making it perfect for kids and pets.

*** Great for Odd Shaped Space… You can configure this expandable baby gate to fit into any opening irrespective. As a matter of fact this is one of the rare self-closing baby gates that allow you to configure your own gate to be tandem with your specific needs. In short, this unit provides the solution your rampant problems like restricting areas such as the driveways or garage.

Customer Reviews

For a baby gate that has over  283 customer’s reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.1 stars on it means that it has something to offer. Most of the reviews are positive which basically means that the user’s needs were met satisfactorily by the KIDCO G3000. Below is a sample of the most helpful customer reviews.

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Pros of The KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Expandable Baby Gate

Flexibility– Few baby gates can match the KIDCO G3000 flexibility, making it the perfect choice when you want to replace your top of the stairs baby gate.

Ease of installation – Putting up this gate is almost straight forward especially when you consider that you don’t have to use any screws.

Cons of the KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Expandable Baby Gate

Easily Breakable Connectors – Some customer noted that this baby gate uses plastic connectors despite the fact that it’s made of metal. The connector can break easily but this can be avoided by taking extra caution when using or setting up the gate.

*** Verdict… The KIDCO G3000 Auto Close expandable baby gate is not only creatively assembled but remains one of the best self-closing baby gates to for if you want to limit your child’s or pet movement. The fact that you can add as many extensions to increase your child’s play area makes the gate versatile as well thereby offering value for money. While the G3000 is available on a number of online stores, the best place to buy it would be on Amazon for amazing discounts on list price.

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