How Solar Panels Work to Create Free Electricity

How Solar Panels Work to Create Free ElectricityKnowing how solar panels work is an interesting theory… Using the suns energy to generate electricity has always been interesting to me. Solar cells use particles of light to move electrons apart from atoms; this process cause’s electricity to move. In a nut shell that’s how solar panels work.

How Solar Panels Work to Give You Energy

*** Using Latest Technology… Solar panels can be used around your home to cut down on your electricity bill while providing needed backup power during a power outage. Look at those small solar lights you see in peoples home to light up their walkways or highlight a deck. Those tiny lights use a solar panel and rechargeable batteries to harvest the power of the sun to provide power to run the lights at night, pretty cool!

The solar panels on the market today are a lot more efficient at giving you more power than the older ones. All the newest solar energy systems are designed and proven to last for years even in the harshest climate conditions.

How Solar Panels Work

*** Installation… An important factor on how solar panels work is the installation; most large systems mount the solar panels on the roof of the house. The roof offers the best access to the power of the sun; however you will see them in large areas on the ground that have good access to the sun. I have even seen some advanced solar power systems set up with the ability to rotate and follow the sun through the day.

And solar being an excellent alternative energy source those high end systems collect enough power for you home and have some let over to sell back to the power company.

*** Monitoring Your Solar Power System… Once the system is up and running you will have access to a renewable energy source that will provide power for years with very little maintenance cost. You should notice a big savings right away and during cloudy days your stored power and electric company will be providing your needs. Overall a great way to save and when you know how solar panels work you can use them to your advantage!

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How Solar Panels Work to Create Free Electricity

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