How Does Solar Energy Work For You in Your Home?

How Does Solar Energy WorkHave you ever wondered…? How does solar energy work? Basically there are three aspects on how solar power works and how a solar panel works to provide you with electricity. Let’s take a look at how solar energy works.
How Does Solar Energy Work For You in Your Home

Just How Does Solar Power Work?

The suns energy is gathered by photo-voltaic cells which are constructed from silicone and placed in panels and then installed where they can get a lot of the sun rays, this is usually up in the roof. As the sun shines onto these photo-voltaic panels’ photons are freed, then these neutrons are captured in a magnetic field which are gathered up with small wires which creates a voltage which is then used to charge the batteries. This is basically how solar panels work.

How is Solar Power Used?

How Does Solar Energy WorkOnce you have a solar energy system up and running you can use the energy to power some appliances and lights in your home. Some people have huge systems and can actually sell some of their extra energy back to the power company. As we look further into how does solar energy work you will see that it’s a very renewable energy source.

From the solar panel power created the energy is than stored in batteries and then an inverter is used to convert the 12 volt power from the batteries into 120 volt AC power which is then used by your homes lights and appliances. You would need a pretty big solar power system to run your whole house.

How Does Solar Energy Work For You?

To get solar power to work for you… You have 2 options. Spend $5,000 to $25,000 or more on having a company come in and access your power news and then install the system. Or you can build a smaller system that will cost you under $300 and this will give you power for some lights and small appliances during a power outage.

Here’s a really informative video on making your very own solar powered generator for Under $250. WATCH VIDEO HERE

So now you know “how does solar energy work”. I hope this article has given you a better understanding on alternative energy sources like solar power.

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