How to Pick a Good Exterior Painting Contractor

How to Pick a Good Exterior Painting ContractorAre you in need of an exterior painting contractor? Have you noticed that the exterior paint on your house is peeling and the water is getting into those areas? The exterior of your home is what protects that big investment and needs to be well maintained to save on those big expensive repairs down the road.

An exterior painting contractor who specializes in repair, waterproofing and painting is what you need to keep your home looking pristine and fully resistance to the weather.

The first step… Before giving 1000’s to house painters it’s time to do some research on finding the best professional painters you can afford. Finding a good qualified exterior painting contractor is similar to finding a contractor for any other home improvement project you’re considering.

The second stepGo for a drive around your area and try and find a home that you like from the outside, if you find one that attracts you with the choice of colors you could contact the homeowner to see if they hired someone to do the job. If they did you can ask them for the name and number of the painting contractors that did the job for them. Ask your neighbors if they have used any exterior painting contractors and get the info from them.

If not…Start looking thru the yellow pages or what I have done is to go to my local building supply stores and ask who does a lot of painting jobs. You will find that most building supply stores will be very happy to help you with choosing and some have a board that local contractors can put their business cards on. Once you have found a painting contractor that looks good give them a call.

Nearly all good exterior painting contractors will be willing to meet with you and go over the requirements of your painting needs with you. Ask questions as to the types of paints and primers and preparation they would do for home’s needs. Also ask for references so you can talk to other customers who have used their services. Have them give you a house painting cost in writing. Feel free to be involved with the choice of materials and listen to their advice and recommendations this way you and your contractor can have a good working relationship.

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2 Responses to How to Pick a Good Exterior Painting Contractor

  1. Max says:

    I’m really glad that you talked about being able to do some research on some of the best professional painting contractors you can afford. My wife and I really want to get some painting done around our home, and I think that a good look starts with a great contractor. I’m going to have to see if we can find a good contractor after our research and hopefully give our home the makeover we’ve been thinking about!

    • intellifax175 says:

      Your welcome….It always pays to do your research whenever your going to hire a contractor to work on your home.

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