The 5 Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power Outage

Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power OutageDon’t be left in the dark… I’m going to look at some emergency lighting options you can use during a power outage. Most of these you will probably already have in your home and have used them already for an emergency light for camping or checking out the power panel during a power outage.

5 Emergency Lighting Options for When the Power’s Off

*** Lanterns… These are a great option as emergency lighting and you can use them in your bedrooms for safety in the event of a power outage. I have one in each of our bathrooms and one in the hall shelve for easy access. Many are powered by batteries and if you use rechargeable batteries they are a great alternative energy source and you can recharge them 100’s of times. The newest types are LED which gives a lot of light without using up lots of battery power.   See Amazons full line of  Portable Lanterns

*** Candles… Been around for a long time and is one of the oldest form of emergency lighting there is. Many styles to choose from and lots of colors. And with so many scented varieties they not only make the perfect emergency light they also can give a room a very nice aroma.

5 Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives

*** Oil LampsAnother go to option that not only provides light it also will give off some heat which can be great if you’re in a cold area and the powers been out for a while. The only issue is having to store a very flammable liquid. We did use kerosene lamps but went to battery powered lights… Was too dangerous to have open flame when you have grand kids visiting a lot.

*** Glow SticksThese are a cool source for emergency lighting, and the kids love to play with them. The girls love the bracelets with multiply colors to play with in the dark. The cyalume green ones glow for up to 12 hours and make great stocking stuffers and fun at birthday parties too.

*** Solar PowerSolar lights are a great way to use some renewable energy while providing that emergency lighting. With all the recent advances in technology solar energy systems are a great way to save money on your electric bill each month. Have you seen the latest smart solar box? With this device you can have FREE electricity generated by the sun that will give you power for emergency lighting and provide you with enough power to start saving on your power bill!

I highly recommend that you watch this video that explains the new method that allows anyone to start making energy from the sun and use it in your home…

Watch Video Below

Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power Outage


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