How to Build Your Very Own Simple Wooden Tool Box

Simple Wooden Tool Box

It’s a nice feeling when you build something yourself and if you’re a beginner a basic wooden tool box is the perfect project to get you started. The great thing about this particular wood tool box is you can use a piece of 1×6 and a simple dowel to make your tool box.

3 Steps to Complete Your Wooden Tool Box

Step 1]… Begin by gathering your materials together, you will need the following [The lengths will depend on the length and width of your tool box].

– A piece of ½” Dowling in the length that you want the tool box to be.

– A length of 1×6 or wider wood to suit the width of your project.

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– Small package of 1 ¼” wood screws and an equal amount of wood plugs.

– You’ll need a saw to cut your boards, some sand paper a drill and bits to pre-drill the screw holes, screwdriver and a small brush to apply the finish.

– Get some wood filler and good carpenters glue.

– Small container of the desired finish you want.

Build a Wooden Tool BoxStep 2]Cut the pieces to size or if you like the size of the example given cut the pieces as per the diagrams.

– Pre drill the screw holes as laid out and drill the holes for the desired location for the dowel handle.

– Sand all your pieces and wipe off excess dust.

Step 3]Assembly. Following the diagrams put your wooden tool box together by assembling the sides and front pieces together and glue and screw them together.

– Now add the bottom using glue and the screws, insert the dowel handle and attach with the screws. Place the plugs in with glue.

– Fill any holes and apply the finish to your wooden tool box.

There you have it. You can easily make it to any size you want and to add something different you can paint it and add your name to personalize it. Remember to have fun!

Use the Wooden Tool Box Plans Below

Front View of Wooden Tool Box
Building Your Own Wooden Tool Box

Layout for Wooden Tool BoxSimple Wooden Tool Box
Side View of Wooden Tool Box