Make Your Own Wooden Planter Box in 3 Easy Steps

Make Your Own Wooden Planter Box

Having a wooden planter box allows you to grow vegetables or flowers on your patio or even on a widow edge so can pick fresh veggies from the window. Wood planters are very basic and simple to make, if you want you can make several at the same time. When picking the wood for your wooden planter box be sure to use cedar or redwood for these will last the longest.

Make Your Own Wooden Planter Box

Let’s begin with the material list, this is for one planter box, if you want more than one just double or triple the list.

– [1] 1×10 of redwood or cedar 10 feet long.

– [1] 1×8 of redwood or cedar 4 feet long.

– Some type of liner for your wooden planter box. [ dark garden type plastic]’

– One quarter pound of 2 inch deck screws.

– A sheet of 100 grit sandpaper.

– Exterior grade glue and filler.

– Small container exterior varathane.

Wooden Planter Box in 3 Easy Steps

Wooden Planter Box PlanStep 1] Cut your pieces of wood into the desired lengths.

– Begin with the 1×10 board, cutting the pieces as per the plan below.

– Drill and Countersink the holes for the screws.

– Cut your 1×8 board as per the plan below.

– Drill and countersink and then sand the pieces.

Step 2] Put your wooden flower box pieces together.

– Assemble the pieces together with the 2 inch deck screws as per plan below.

– Remember to drill 3 ¼ inch drain holes in the bottom to allow proper drainage.

Step 3] Apply the finish.

– Fill any holes with the exterior grade wood filler, let dry and sand.

– Put at least 3 coats of the exterior varathane.

Add the 6mil poly, fill with soil and start planting! If you want you can shape the edges and ends into any shape you want that you like. If you’re going to make more than one wooden planter box you can use the first pieces you cut as a pattern for the others.