Making a Basic Kitchen Step Stool for Years of Service

Basic Kitchen Step StoolThere are a lot of reasons for needing a kitchen step stool, with the need to reach those higher up dishes or special occasion platters that you store up high. You can also use this homemade kitchen stool as an aid with potty-training if you have smaller children. This kitchen step stool is very basic and strong.

Making a Basic Kitchen Step StoolLet’s begin with the materials needed.

-2 pieces of ¾ inch wood at least 38 inches long and 8 inches wide [hardwood is best].

– Half dozen ¼ inch wood plugs and carpenters glue.

– 10 – 1 5/8 inch wood screws.

– 4 pads for the feet bottom.

– Some 100 grit sandpaper.

– Some wood filler.

– 1 liter of interior varathane diamond wood finish.

– Brush to apply finish.

6 Steps For Building Your Kitchen Step Stool

Kitchen Step Stool PlansStep 1]… Cut material to size.

– Using your 1×8 pieces cut them to the length and sizes as shown in plan below.

Step 2] Create your side template.

– Get a piece of strong cardboard and make a template as shown in plan below.

Step 3]… Create your template for center piece.

– Get a piece of strong cardboard and make a template as shown in plan below.

Step 4]…Cut your sides and center support piece.

– Begin by using your cardboard templates you made.

– With the templates as a guide cut the pieces as shown below.

– Drill your 4 holes 1/8 inch and using your countersink bit, countersink the holes ¼ inch, use one of the screws to get the correct depth.

– Router or use a hand plane and round over the edges [ Do not round over the ends of the side pieces and the center support.

– Using your 100 grit sandpaper, sand all the surfaces smooth and wipe clean.

Easy Kitchen Step StoolsStep 5]… Make an assembly jig.

– Using your jig or clamps glue and assemble the pieces.

– Insert the wood plugs into place with carpenters glue.

Step 6]… Finishing your kitchen step stool.

– Sand everything down and wipe clean.

– Apply 3 coats of the diamond finish varathane allowing it to dry between coats. Lightly sand between the finishing coats and wipe clean before applying the next coat.

There you have it a beautiful handmade kitchen step stool that will provide you years of service!

Kitchen Step Stool Plans

Kitchen Step Stool Side Template

Step Stool

Kitchen Step Stool Center Brace Template

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