Fun and Easy Bird House Plans for Beginners

Fun and Easy Bird House Plans for BeginnersHaving a good set of bird house plans will really help you excel building your birdhouse, while building a birdhouse has a few more parts, having bird house plans that are easy to follow while have you on the right track fast!

Easy Bird House Plans

Gathering Your Materials… These are the basic materials you will need along with your birdhouse plan.

– A piece of 1×6 material that’s 4 feet long.

– A small package of exterior grade 1 5/8 wood screws. [deck screws will work].

– A couple of galvanized 1 ½ inch finishing nails and 1 double headed galvanized nail, or a 1 5/8 inch deck screw will work.

– A sheet of 100 grid sandpaper.

– Small container of exterior wood filler.

– Small can of paint or exterior grade latex stain.

3 Steps for Creating a Nice Birdhouse

Bird House Plans for Beginners

Step 1] Cutting your materials… Along with the bird house plans provided begin by cutting them to the sizes as shown. Plans below.

Step 2] Drilling the pieces… You will need a drill an 1/8 inch drill bit and a ¼ inch drill bit. Drill the holes in your 1×6 pieces as shown. Plans below.

Here’s some nice bird house plans on Amazon.

Step 3] Assembling your birdhouse with the provided bird house plans.

– Using the pre-drilled pieces put together the pieces shown by attaching the sides to the bottom and your back piece.

– Now it’s time to attach your roof and the left [hinged side]. This hinged piece will allow you to open the birdhouse for cleaning yearly. You can also bring your birdhouse indoors during the winter months if that applies to your location.

– Use longer deck screw [3”] to make a bird perch below the entrance hole.

– Following the birdhouse plans drill the entrance hole 1 1/8 inch using a wood speed bore bit.

– Sand all your pieces and rough edges.

– Paint the exterior to the color or the type of finish you desire.

– Don’t apply any type of finish to the interior of your bird house.

There you have it. You can build 1 or more from your bird house plans!

Front View of Bird House Plans

Bird House Plans

Side View of Bird House Plans

Assembled Bird House Plans

Easy Bird House Plans