About Me

Household Improvements that you can do!Hi My name is Arthur, I’m a Journey Carpenter by trade.  Currently I am semi-retired and do mostly Handyman jobs. I lived in Vancouver B.C. for over 30 years and was Born in New Westminster B.C.

I am married and have we have a blended family. We have 4 children and 8 grandchildren all that live in larger cities in B.C.

I moved to a small town in Northern B.C. called “McBride” It’s a rural village with a small population of under 600. I wanted a safe place to raise my Kids and to get away from the “rat race”.

I was diagnosed with a blood disorder and have been trying to earn some extra money by working online. So I have started this Website “Household Improvements” where I can use my knowledge in the construction industry and my skills as a Handyman by writing Articles that will help People do some household improvements to their own property and increase the value of there Home.

I will cover a variety of topics related to home improvements, safety in the home, outdoor improvements, outdoor sheds, child safety.

Here’s a photo of McBride B.C.

You can visit  http://www.mcbride.ca/  for more info and images.

Thanks for visiting my Site and hope it has helped you!

Household Improvements