6 Tips for Picking Out Storage Shed Plans

Picking The Best Storage Shed PlansHaving some good storage shed plans is important when building your own storage shed, but even then you have to do it right to get the most out of the unit you will construct. There’s a variety of storage shed plans to choose from, so pick the plan that will ultimately give you what you need. The plan should be easy to follow, give you all the material and cutting lists as well as easy to follow instructions, and most importantly save you money. Below are tips that will help you pick the best storage shed plans for your shed.

6 Tips to Get The Best Storage Shed Plans

Picking Out Storage Shed Plans

1] The type of foundation. You need to have the type of foundation you want in mind when choosing a plan. Storage sheds can be built on a number of foundations such as gravel that is installed on a skid type foundation or a concrete foundation. The type of foundation is determined by the size of the shed you are planning to build. The bigger the shed, the stronger the foundation should be. Read my article Shed Foundation Options for a Strong Lasting Solution to help you pick the best foundation for your shed.

Easy to use storage shed plans2] The cost. You need to have the cost in mind too when picking out storage shed plans. You need to have a rough estimate of how much it will cost you even before you settle on a particular plan. Get the exact figure on how much lumber and materials you will need so that you can figure out how much it will cost you to finish the whole project. If you are operating on a budget, you may choose to go with a plan that will not cost you a lot of money.

3] How do you want your shed to look? The plan you pick will have a hand in how the finished unit will look. Before you even build a shed, you must visualize how you want it to appear once it is finished. You can even have a picture or drawing of how your end product should look like.

4] How difficult is it to construct? While anyone can build a storage shed without prior experience, there are some plans that are so technical will need professional help. Get plans that you can follow and provide all the info you need to build your shed from start to finish. If you don’t have the skills to build a certain plan, seek the services of a professional. Many contractors will offer consultations for a small fee.

Remember that you will use your shed for a long time so the construction has to be sturdy. The best way to decide whether to build the shed yourself or hire a professional is looking at the plans first and evaluating what it entails. You may choose to let the professional handle the construction up to a certain point and then you can take over from there.

Picking out Storage Shed Plans

5] The roofing materials. The roof is an important part of a storage shed; pick a plan that has roofing materials which will not only ensure your belongings are shielded from leakages but also from the sun’s heat. If you reside in an area that has high levels of moisture, consider plans that will let you use pressure treated plywood or metal sheets.

You need to consider the cost of the roofing materials as well. Given the importance of a roof to a storage shed, you may consider spending a little more on the roofing materials. You certainly don’t want to end up with a good unit that leaks.

6] The Windows. Bearing in mind that most sheds do not have electricity, you need to choose storage shed plans that will allow you to install windows. However, you need to use the windows wisely. Avoid a plan that adds too many windows because for each window you install, you will have to sacrifice a wall and by extension storage space.

You need to pick your plans carefully if you want to end up with a unit that will offer more than storage space. While you may not be an expert at building storage sheds, there is no problem in seeking help and advice from the experts.

Storage Shed Plans

What should a good storage shed plan include?

Last year a good friend bought a shed plan online and when he received it, he called me to take a look at it. I could not believe how there’s so much garbage being sold. I’m a Journey Carpenter and have built 100s of homes and small structures and I had a hard time understanding them. There was a lot of information missing as well as the necessary details which where vital for building the shed.

What your shed plans should include.

Step-by-step guidelines. They need to have details and some cross-sections of the structure that the average person can understand. Pictures of the completed shed showing a few different views. Many shed plans take for granted that you have some carpentry skills, while the truth is most don’t and that’s why you’re buying plans.

Accurate material and cutting lists. The plan should have a complete material list and a detailed cutting list. This makes it simple for you to know what you need to buy. This will save you a lot of time and having to buy more lumber because you cut some pieces too short.

3D images. These will really help you to picture what your new shed will actually look like. This really helps when your assembly rafters together, most simple sheds has a sloping roof,

Labeled material list. There should be a detailed list telling you how many of each piece you need and a good labeling system.

Having plans that you can’t understand are worthless. There are many good shed plans available online, follow the above tips and you will be able to find and build your storage shed easily. Check out these amazing plans….

Now You Can Build Your Own Amazing Garden Shed Fast and Easy WithStep-By-Step” Plans With Easy-To-Follow Blueprints and Detailed Illustrations…

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6 Advantages of Having a Wood Storage Shed

Wood Storage ShedA wood storage shed can be a great addition to add to any backyard. A wooden shed not only adds to the beauty and the surrounding environment but they also have the flexibility to be added onto when desired if you need more storage.

6 Reasons to Have a Wood Storage Shed

6 Advantages of a Wood Storage Shed1] Can be painted or stained… Wood storage sheds can also be designed, decorated, and painted to match the structural design and colors of your home.

Metal and vinyl sheds can be used as a substitute for wood if preferred, however a wooden shed is more durable and easier to work with. Despite their durability, wood storage shed can be customized to meet the needs, wants, and desires of the home owner. For example, you can quickly add shelving, windows, salt-boxes, potting benches, and accessories. Wood can also be replaced faster than metal as it ages. Read my article is a Wood Shed Kits Going to Be Right For You?

2] Strength and durability…  Wood has an unbelievable strength that will endure a life time if quality materials are used and if it is maintained consistently over the years. Wood should be treated for termites, water rot, and sun damage as needed of course, nevertheless wood storage sheds are exceptionally durable and they can withstand nearly any kind of stormy weather.

3] Many options of building materialThe best wood materials to use for outside weather conditions are redwood, cedar, or pressure treated lumber. You can even use ash wood but it is more difficult to find. Redwood and cedar are a little more expensive than pressure treated wood but they are easier to maintain and even more resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

Timber should be weather-proofed and sealed at least once a year. When wooden storage sheds are treated and sealed properly with a weatherproof coating they are more resistant to sun, water, and moisture damage. Wooden sheds should be repainted or stained at least once every two to three years minimum.

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4] Long lasting… Metal sheds tend to rust overtime, and vinyl sheds tend to crack and become brittle. Therefore wooden storage sheds are the most effective material to use because it can be easily replaced without distorting the look of the shed.

5] Wide ranges of stylesThere are many different types of sheds and shed designs to choose from today. However, a wooden storage shed has many benefits and the choice of styles and designs increase dramatically with the use of wood.

6] Can be designed to blend in… Locals love the beauty and the additional space of a well-designed shed. Customized wooden storage sheds can enhance the elegance of your backyard. You can add accessories and outside lanterns to light up your shed at night as well. A beautifully built shed can also increase the value of your property. Read my article What Are The Best Shed Designs For Your Home? For ideas on blending you wood storage shed with your surroundings.

Once you have found the style and design of your dreams, take some time to plan out the building process. Understand what city requirements, permits and zoning specifications need to be taken care of first. Next, work with a contractor to prepare the foundation of the ground, build the base of the shed, then the walls, and finally the roof. Read my article 5 Tips to Know if You Need Shed Planning Permission for more information on permits and permission.

Advantages of Having a Wood Storage ShedThe roof should also be maintained over the years. Once you have finished building your wooden storage shed, start working on landscaping around it to bring out the radiance of your shed. Proper water drainage should also be considered to keep the water and moisture away from the base of the shed.

With a good set of blue prints, the right tools, and some assistance you can build the shed of your dreams. You may even find your neighbors and friends wanting to hang out for some backyard conversations more often.

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What Features to Look For In Storage Shed Kits

Storage Shed Kit FeaturesStorage shed kits are an excellent way to keep your belongings in an organized manner. The beauty of storage sheds it is that you can buy one of the hundreds of ready-made storage kits that fits your needs. However, buying a storage building kit may not be a walk in the park, not with so many kits that come in all manner of shapes, sizes and styles for sale. You need to take a few things into consideration to end up with the kit that best serves your storage needs as outlined below.

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What to Look for in Storage Shed Kits

Size… Trying to determine the right size for your storage shed kits will have a lot to do with how much space you need may be one of the most daunting parts when it comes to selecting a storage kit. However, that doesn’t in any way mean that you have to guess about how large the kit you intend to buy should be. There a few things that can help you get a rough estimate of how big your storage she should be. Think of what you would like to store in the shed and its dimensions. This will help you approximate on the height, width and depth of your shed.

Top features of storage shed kitsLocationThe location may also determine the size of your storage shed kit. The shed needs to fit comfortably into the area you want to store it. Also, you need to pay close attention to the shed’s opening. Ensure that you choose a shed that is fitted with an opening that is big enough to accommodate the largest item that you may want to store. There are also many options for portable storage sheds if you need to move it later.

Materials… The choice of materials used to make storage shed kits depends on personal preference and taste. If you are interested in a shed that emphasizes on aesthetics, wood would be your best choice. This is because wood is naturally beautiful and easy to customize, more so when you consider that you can paint it to match the rest of your property. Read my article What Are The Best Shed Designs For Your Home? For ideas on making your shed look good with your home.

If you want a durable shed, choose a kit that is made of plastic. Plastic sheds are waterproof, a fact that makes them an excellent choice if you reside in areas prone to extreme weather. They also offer high resistance to insects and decay.

Vinyl-made storage shed kits are equally durable and are designed to withstand extreme abuse. In addition, they are easy to maintain and assemble. Waxing and cleaning vinyl storage sheds ensures that they are maintained in a good shape. Read my article Are Vinyl Storage Sheds a Good Choice for You? For more information on vinyl storage sheds.

Metal storage sheds are not only cheap but also offer protection from the weather and insects. When compared to plastic and vinyl, metal sheds are easy to set up. However, you need to realize that metal storage shed require a lot more maintenance but even then, they are still easier care for than wood. Read my article 4 Reasons to Choose Metal Storage Buildings for more information on metal storage sheds.

Wood Storage Shed KitFlexibility… You need to choose a storage kit that is as versatile as possible. For instance, choosing a portable storage shed that can be moved from one area to the other as per your needs. You need to choose a shed that can handle both temporal and seasonal work. Some of the sheds that you may choose from include specialty storage enclosures, traditional shed replacement, and open-ended shelters.

Accessories… Depending on your storage shed plans, you may need a storage kit that comes with accessories. Some of the accessories to look for include ramps, windows, and skylights. Light is essential in a storage kit as it makes it more user-friendly. You can even buy shutters and window boxes as part of your kit if you want to enhance it further.

You may also decide to go for a kit that comes with shelves for better organization inside the shed. Other functional accessories you may look for in a storage kit include time-saving anchor and access ramps. While not all models will come with all the accessories that you may need, you can be sure to find one or two add-ons in almost every shed that you may decide to buy.

With the increased need for outdoor storage, the need to get a storage shed that addresses your storage requirements is paramount. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose the storage shed kit with all the basic considerations in mind. After all, you are going to use the kit for a relatively long time, so you need a unit that will offer more than just a storing space.

Storage shed kit plans

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Portable Storage Sheds

Portable Storage ShedsPortable storage sheds are extremely easy to install and move around. In fact, portable buildings are what you need if you are looking for versatility combined with flexibility. The primary reason why it is easy to transport and move the storage shed around is the lightweight materials that are used to make them.

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Lightweight and portable as they are, you must consider a few things before you settle on any particular sheds. Here is a look at some factors that will help you choose the best possible shed that will meet and perhaps exceed your expectations.

6 Tips For Picking Portable Storage Sheds

1.What is size and style do you require? The size and style of your storage shed depends on what you intend to use the shed for. Go for a style that fulfills your needs and is also attractive to the eyes. To establish the size, you can measure out a space in your yard to see if all the all your belongings will fit into it.

Make sure that the size of your storage building fits your current and future storage needs. Go with the style that will give your shed the appearance you desire in addition to the extra storage space you require. You may consider installing a loft in your shed to create enough space for your holiday ornaments and treasures.

2. How long will the shed last? The building materials of your shed will ultimately determine the durability of your shed. Some of the things you need to consider as long as durability is concerned include the warranty period and how the shed was manufactured. A long warranty period means that the manufacturer of the shed can trust in the quality of their product and are willing to stand by it. A unit that has a longer warranty period will last longer and be a good buy.

3. What’s the price? When it comes to outdoor portable storage sheds, you should consider the cost of ownership. The price you pay for portable storage sheds may have a hand in what you will end up with. Some reputable manufacturers will sell their units at relatively higher price and will be of better quality. However, you need to do extensive research on the unit you decide to buy so that you know a thing or two about what it has to offer.

choosing Outdoor Storage Sheds4. Can you customize the shed? When choosing a portable storage shed, you need to buy a unit that can be customized to your needs. Depending on your storage shed plans, you may also decide to go for a shed that has the colors, roof and shingles which fit your personal preference. Go for a shed that is easy to assemble and disassemble depending on what you want to store at that particular moment or season.

5. What are the available options? If you go for the right portable storage shed, you will be organized irrespective of whether you want lighting, tool hangers or shelving. The shed should come with options that will enable you transform the shed into anything you want depending on your requirements.

Before you pay for your shed, you need to inspect it to ascertain that it will handle all your storage needs well. It will also allow for installation of accessories that will increase its versatility. Also you might want to check into if you’re going to need a permit or permission before buying it.

6. How will the shed get to your home? Perhaps the most important thing about any storage shed kit is the ease of getting to its preferred destination. A portable shed should live up to its name. It should cost you less energy and time to get it where you want to place it. The materials used to make the shed should be lightweight, thus making the transportation of the unit easier. In other words, you should not go for a unit that will give you problems placing it in place.

How to Choose Portable Storage Sheds

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How to Pick a Good Solar Power Home Weather Station

Solar Power Home Weather StationWhen looking into a good home weather station the 2 main choices are battery powered and solar power. In the past most home weather units where battery operated and needed to have the batteries replaced almost weekly. When life gets busy sometimes you simply may forget that the batteries are dead and then you’re not receiving your weather information anymore.

Another issue with those old type batteries is their often damaged by rain or snow and then began to corrode and damage your home weather station. Having solar electricity power your weather station makes sense simply because the solar power of the sun is free.

Picking a Solar Power Home Weather Station

I recommend you get a weather station that operates off small solar panels to deal with the issues related to dead batteries. Yes solar power stations have batteries…They are rechargeable and are well enclosed in the unit. These types of batteries can stand up to the elements better and have a very long life.

The stored solar power is enough to power your home weather station during the night and then recharges the internal batteries during the day. You can get a complete recharge of your batteries with about 4 to 6 hours of daylight. Some Solar Power Weather Stations make use of a supercapacitor which has enough stored power to operate the unit during the night. And only when the supercapacitor is discharged will the unit draw power from the batteries.

3 Tips for Installing a Solar Power Home Weather Station

Light RequirementsBecause these devices only need a few hours of daylight hours to charge you can use these solar power stations in locations where there may be fewer hours of daylight. Not sure if you’ll get enough light just contact the manufacturer and they may be able provide some solutions for you.

Sensor LocationMake sure you install the sensor somewhere it will get the most hours of daylight. Again the manufacturer can provide the ideal places to get the most of the sunlight and daylight for the weather station.

Reading Accuracy… The best home weather stations have anticipated that you will put your senor in direct sunlight and have added shielding to protect the sensor for the sun’s rays as well as added some cooling fans. This will ensure accurate readings.

Solar Power Home Weather Station


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6 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets You Should Be Using

Solar Powered GadgetsCan solar powered gadgets cut down on your electric bill? With the newest solar power devices coming down in cost there’s no reason why you’re not saving 10% or more of your monthly energy bill. And some of these are the coolest solar-powered gadgets you have ever seen.

Using solar powered gadgets is a great way to help the environment while saving you on that dreaded electric bill. Using solar-powered devices may not let you take your home off the grid but will certainty give you the ability to save money and reduce the use of our fossil fuels.

6 of the Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar Powered BackpackNumber 1… Solar Powered Backpack… Can you remember how many times while your where on a backpack trip that you wish your portable devices could stay charged longer? And there’s not any places to charge your devices, that’s the beauty of a Solar Powered Backpacks.

These are very rugged and waterproof and are built into the backpack, allowing you to use the solar power from the sun while you’re hiking to recharge your devices. While this isn’t solving the high demand for power it is enough energy to recharge your small gadgets and give you the extra power you need while backpacking.

Number 2… Solar Powered Lanterns… The fact that the sun is the ultimate source of life; it also can be the source of light in our everyday life. Everyone has a lamp so why not take advantage of the free solar energy that is yours for the taking. You see solar powered gadgets everywhere now so it makes sense to have one or more Solar Powered Lanterns that are always ready to provide you with light during a power outage or on that camping trip.

Featured Reading: The 5 Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power Outage

Window Solar ChargerNumber 3… Window Solar Charger… If you are blessed to be living somewhere that gets a lot of sun then using a Window Solar Charger can allow you to use the suns solar power to charge your small devices. These types of solar chargers are easy to use…. Simple attach the window solar charger to any window and you can charge your device.

Number 4… Solar Powered Watches… Another great solar powered gadget is solar watches, the fact that most watches have a regular battery means that sooner or later you’re going to need to replace it or the watch. The beauty of a Solar Powered Watch is it can recharge itself for most light sources and will operate for months without being charged from the light source.

You can get these watches from lower end models right up to luxurious ones depending on your taste. If you’re looking for that unique special gift this is something worth looking into.

Solar Powered Bluetooth SpeakerNumber 5… Solar Powered Bluetooth SpeakerIf you enjoy spending a lot of time out in nature and away from the clutter of life and if you’re like me I love my music especially while out enjoying nature. I love the freedom that Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker can provide… No power source and wires to restrict where you want to go and relax!

And being another solar powered gadget that uses the power of the sun to bring your music to life, without the tie downs of home living. And while you’re enjoying your Bluetooth speaker you can feel good about how much you’re saving the environment!

Solar Powered Generator

Number 6… Solar Powered Generator…  I’m sure you’ve heard of [survivalists] [off-grid] who try to live off the grid using a solar generator. It is a great idea to use solar energy to generate your own electricity for those times when the power goes out. Having your own solar powered gadgets will provide you with some power for your small devices. While many people are going off-grid the majority are using power generators that use the suns power to help out with the ever increasing cost of electricity.

Having your very own Solar Powered Generator nearby can store power for when you really need it such as an emergency out if you spend a lot of time camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Featured Reading: How to Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator

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How to Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator

How to Build a Basic Portable Solar Power GeneratorHaving a portable solar power generator is a must have if you’re an avid camper and outdoor person. Solar power is free for the taking and best of all very good for the environment. Building your own power generator using solar panels may seem difficult; however knowing what materials you need it can be a fun DIY project that can save you money.

Portable Solar Power Generator Material List

This list is the bare minimum and you will need to increase the number of solar panels and the size of the charge controller depending on how much power you need. Depending on where you get these supplies you will need wiring, connectors, fuse holders, switches, inverter, 12 volt battery and storage container to complete your build.

Some solar panels parts can cost $500 and up depending on what your requirements are. Those big solar energy systems you see on home can cost over $20,000 but will provide power for most all your needs and even some people are selling power back to the power company.

Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator

Just building a basic portable solar power generate is great for having some power in an emergency situation or when the power goes out.

The first step is to determine how many watts you need. Start by deciding what you’re going to want to power, if you just want to watch your TV or listen to a radio or maybe charge your cell phone while you’re camping will require fewer watts than using your laptop or coffee pot. You can buy the solar panels one at a time and then add more panels as you increase the power of your portable solar power generator.

Here’s a photo showing one basic solar power generator:

Portable Solar Power Generator Parts

Parts for a portable solar power generator:

*** Battery… You’re going to need a battery to store the power you get from the sun. Try to get a deep cycle marine battery and look for a high amp hour rating. Make sure that the storage container you choose is big enough to hold the battery and other parts; I have seen lots build with an old cooler. Here’s some Marine Batteries on Amazon.

*** Charge Controller … The charge controller is basically a voltage regulator which controls the amount of power that goes into the battery and also prevents the battery from being overcharged. Charge Controllers on Amazon.

Build a Basic Portable Solar Power Generator*** Fuse or Power Switch… This allows you to turn off the power going to your inverter.

*** Inverter… This is the key component to your portable solar power generator, this inverter converts the 12 volt DC power coming from the battery into 120 volts AC power and this is where you plug in your devices you want to power.

You can also get an inverter that has USB ports that allow you to connect your 12 volt devices to it. See Inverters on Amazon.

*** Solar Panels… Put your solar panel[s] somewhere will they will be in the sun’s rays, you will connect the solar panels power lines to the charge controller. See Solar Panels on Amazon

*** Portable Solar Power Generator Kits… If you want you can buy Solar Panel Kits from Amazon in many different sizes which are light weight and have everything you need to make solar power.

*** Build Your Solar Generator Plans… If your interested in simply building one yourself, Here’s a great video on how to build one. Watch the Video Here.


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The 5 Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power Outage

Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power OutageDon’t be left in the dark… I’m going to look at some emergency lighting options you can use during a power outage. Most of these you will probably already have in your home and have used them already for an emergency light for camping or checking out the power panel during a power outage.

5 Emergency Lighting Options for When the Power’s Off

*** Lanterns… These are a great option as emergency lighting and you can use them in your bedrooms for safety in the event of a power outage. I have one in each of our bathrooms and one in the hall shelve for easy access. Many are powered by batteries and if you use rechargeable batteries they are a great alternative energy source and you can recharge them 100’s of times. The newest types are LED which gives a lot of light without using up lots of battery power.   See Amazons full line of  Portable Lanterns

*** Candles… Been around for a long time and is one of the oldest form of emergency lighting there is. Many styles to choose from and lots of colors. And with so many scented varieties they not only make the perfect emergency light they also can give a room a very nice aroma.

5 Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives

*** Oil LampsAnother go to option that not only provides light it also will give off some heat which can be great if you’re in a cold area and the powers been out for a while. The only issue is having to store a very flammable liquid. We did use kerosene lamps but went to battery powered lights… Was too dangerous to have open flame when you have grand kids visiting a lot.

*** Glow SticksThese are a cool source for emergency lighting, and the kids love to play with them. The girls love the bracelets with multiply colors to play with in the dark. The cyalume green ones glow for up to 12 hours and make great stocking stuffers and fun at birthday parties too.

*** Solar PowerSolar lights are a great way to use some renewable energy while providing that emergency lighting. With all the recent advances in technology solar energy systems are a great way to save money on your electric bill each month. Have you seen the latest smart solar box? With this device you can have FREE electricity generated by the sun that will give you power for emergency lighting and provide you with enough power to start saving on your power bill!

I highly recommend that you watch this video that explains the new method that allows anyone to start making energy from the sun and use it in your home…

Watch Video Below

Best Emergency Lighting Alternatives For a Power Outage


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How Does Solar Energy Work For You in Your Home?

How Does Solar Energy WorkHave you ever wondered…? How does solar energy work? Basically there are three aspects on how solar power works and how a solar panel works to provide you with electricity. Let’s take a look at how solar energy works.
How Does Solar Energy Work For You in Your Home

Just How Does Solar Power Work?

The suns energy is gathered by photo-voltaic cells which are constructed from silicone and placed in panels and then installed where they can get a lot of the sun rays, this is usually up in the roof. As the sun shines onto these photo-voltaic panels’ photons are freed, then these neutrons are captured in a magnetic field which are gathered up with small wires which creates a voltage which is then used to charge the batteries. This is basically how solar panels work.

How is Solar Power Used?

How Does Solar Energy WorkOnce you have a solar energy system up and running you can use the energy to power some appliances and lights in your home. Some people have huge systems and can actually sell some of their extra energy back to the power company. As we look further into how does solar energy work you will see that it’s a very renewable energy source.

From the solar panel power created the energy is than stored in batteries and then an inverter is used to convert the 12 volt power from the batteries into 120 volt AC power which is then used by your homes lights and appliances. You would need a pretty big solar power system to run your whole house.

How Does Solar Energy Work For You?

To get solar power to work for you… You have 2 options. Spend $5,000 to $25,000 or more on having a company come in and access your power news and then install the system. Or you can build a smaller system that will cost you under $300 and this will give you power for some lights and small appliances during a power outage.

Here’s a really informative video on making your very own solar powered generator for Under $250. WATCH VIDEO HERE

So now you know “how does solar energy work”. I hope this article has given you a better understanding on alternative energy sources like solar power.

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Should You Buy a Solar Powered Phone Charger?

Should You Buy a Solar Powered Phone ChargerNearly everyone has a cell phone these days, have you ever considered getting a solar powered phone charger? The beauty of solar phone chargers is there small, lightweight and mobile. If you’re ever away from a power source and your phone needs a charge you’ll certainly be glad you have one.

Let’s Take a Look at Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Cellphone chargers that use solar are basically a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged via 120 volt power source or from solar power and are a great way to make use of one of our biggest renewable energy sources the sun. The most used ones have a folding 3 piece solar screen that are very small and very portable giving you the best of a solar powered phone charger that goes anywhere.

The 2 basic types are the [windmill] and the [folding] both are very portable and can recharge most cell phones twice when there fully charged. As the name implies a [windmill] solar charger opens by fanning out to expose the solar panels in a circular position. Whereas the [folding] just unfolds to expose the solar panels. I personally like the folding type…I find it easier to open and close and they also have larger solar panels.

How Well Do Solar Powered Phone Charger Work?

Should You Buy a Solar Powered Phone ChargerNearly all solar phone chargers have the capacity to connect to an electrical outlet and a 12 volt car outlet to charge which cuts down on the charging time. Depending on the weather conditions it may take longer to charge using the solar panels…But it will charge and give you that power if you’re not close to another charging area.

That’s the beauty of a solar energy system is its ability to charge in low sun conditions. It may not be as fast…But it will still charge and in an emergency situation it can give you the power to use your cell phone.

I came across an article that was looking at phones that had a built in solar powered phone charger, while it is a good choice for an alternative energy source it’s bulky size and bigger price just didn’t make sense to me.

While there are many different options look for a solar powered phone charger that gives you these features, solar efficiency, watts, water resistance and lightweight and portable.

If I had to choose from all the choices this is the one I would recommend…

Solar Phone ChargersRAVPower RP-PC008 16W Dual-Port Outdoors Charger

* Number 1 Best seller on Amazon.

* 984 Customer reviews.

* 184 Answered questions.

* Very efficient with a 21.5-23.5% absorption of the suns power.

* Smart charger, Senses and adjusts charging for the device being used.

* 2 Charging ports.

Read the full review on Amazon Here

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